Andy Hutchins


I'm a weekend blogger for SB Nation and a student at the University of Florida. I was born and raised in the shadows of the space program, and have an unhealthy fascination with Reggie Nelson. I also read way too much of the Internet.


Mudiay, Huestis and a squeeze for college hoops

The low and high ends of college basketball's talent spectrum got new reasons to avoid college basketball this week.

Ranking all 16 possible World Cup finals

What do we want in a World Cup final? Goals, stakes, and history. Here's an attempt to rank all 16 potential 2014 World Cup finals based loosely on those three things.

The lessons of the 2014 NCAA Tournament


The incredibly exciting 2014 NCAA Tournament gave us some of the best college basketball in recent memory. But the lessons to take from it are really more cut-and-dry.

Finding the best team isn't best for business

Both UConn and Kentucky can be deserving national champions. Neither team is unequivocally the best in college basketball. The divide between the two titles is part of what makes the NCAA...

Power rankings: Florida's still the favorite

The Gators have made devastating runs their calling card. Wisconsin is playing superb offense. Kentucky comes alive late. And UConn has Shabazz. How do we rank the four Final Four teams?

Florida casts shadow as Final Four favorite

The Gators loom over the Final Four after falling one game short of the semifinals a year ago.

Power rankings for the Sweet Sixteen

Florida still looks like a slight favorite to cut the nets. But Arizona is gaining as Louisville loses steam.

The SEC's fever breaks

Basketball has always been a bit of a running joke in the football-first conference, but with three teams in the Sweet 16, SEC basketball is making it back to the big-time in this NCAA Tournament.

Gators and Cards headed in opposite directions?

Florida showed up and shut down Pitt on Saturday and re-established itself as a national title contender. Louisville muddled through a second straight game and there are reasons to be concerned...

Louisville, Florida show warts in close wins

Uneven performances by two of the top title contenders made for an interesting first day of the NCAA Tournament in Orlando. Can Louisville and Florida get it together when the tougher competition...

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