Batting Stance Guy



Missing the Curve


Last year, I spent a day with Drew Storen. I woke him up for breakfast, traveled to the park with him, watched him pitch a 1-2-3 ninth inning, and tucked him into bed that night. As we drove home...

Best Response I Will Ever Receive

What happens when someone in the crowd <i>really</i> knows one of Batting Stance Guy's models?


The 7th inning of Game 7 of the 2011 World Series featured the Cardinals' Octavio Dotel getting two big outs and the Rangers' Mike Adams facing Rafael Furcal with two on and one out. At this exact...

Ranking Managers' Knowledge Of Coachella


With Coachella restarting this weekend, we can't help wondering if there's a single baseball manager who has any idea about what's happening in Indio, California.

Baseball And 'Downton Abbey' - A Lot Closer Than You Know

Michael Ian Black recently tweeted that he hates the dead time every year between Downton Abbey finishing and the baseball season starting. Many baseball fans have lost their wife, brothers,...

Uneasy Lay The Heads ...

News has broken out that Kevin Youkilis is marrying Tom Brady's sister. If true, this is certainly news in Boston. It appears to be the greatest pairing of a batting stance with sports royalty...



According to Baseball Nation's proprietary forecasting tool, the Astros and Royals will make the playoffs in 2012, but the Giants and Tigers will face off in the World Series. You read it here first.

We Really Can All Get Along

Often in school and sometimes in life, there are the drama geeks and the jocks and rarely shall the two meet. This week I was standing in line for coffee at the Sundance Film Festival behind Paul...

Best Team Left

It’s almost February and Bill Hall's about to sign a minor-league deal. That means it’s time to play: Could a team made up of the remaining free agents beat the Astros? Our lineup is old, but...

Credit Where It's Due

Every diehard fan has a candidate for the most overlooked play in postseason history. Is it Snow getting picked off first base in the 2003 NLDS? Or Jack Clark letting Balboni's foul drop in the...

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