Ben Prather


Ben Prather earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah in 1998 and has been a Utah fan since 1995. His accomplishments include having self taught himself GWBASIC and writing his first (NFL) computer ranking program by age 14 and representing the University of Utah in the 2000 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (while pursuing a second BS degree that was not completed). He was also captain of the Gulf Coast Community College (Florida)'s "Brain Bowl" team in 1995, where he graduated cum laude. He began blogging on college football for in the spring of 2004, just in time to watch his team's historic breakout season. He is currently employed as part of the Gulf Coast Community College's Success Center and adjuncts for the mathematics department. Since June 2008 he has spent his spring, summer and winter breaks examining the BCS vs. playoff debate while honing and present his own postseason ideas. These designs led to the formation of "BCS Evolution" in October 2009, which he maintains which he maintains in his spare time using the pen name utesfan100.


Final BCS Rankings Prediction: After Oregon And Auburn, Who Goes Where?

Oregon vs. Auburn for the title. Then what?

BCS Rankings: Questions Answered By Week 14 Standings


This morning I posed a few questions that would be answered when tonight's standings came out. The Auburn Tigers passed the Oregon Ducks, by a thread. (One coach or two Harris voters, to be...

BCS Standings Projection: Boise State And LSU Fall, Providing Clarity

With the top of the standings clarifying it is time to look closer at the other impacts the BCS standings might play in the weeks to come. The Big 10 and Big 12 like the BCS so much they will use...

BCS Standings: Expert Analysis Of The Week 13 Standings And The Big Ten Race


Wisconsin takes the reigns in the Big 10 race, TCU and Boise State appear poised to both crash the BCS party, again.

BCS Standings Projection: Week 13 Rankings Should Elevate Ohio State

Expect no change in the BCS top five this week, but Ohio State should pass Wisconsin, and that may determine the Big Ten's automatic BCS berth.

BCS Rankings: Expert Analysis Of The Week 12 Standings


Apparently, I overestimated the impact the Alabama Crimson Tide would get from their win over the Mississippi State Bulldogs. For the first time in ten years, the top 10 in the BCS standings has...

BCS Rankings Projection: Standings Should Be Static, TCU Takes A Hit

This week's projected BCS standings have the TCU-Boise State race to the Rose Bowl (or National Championship Game) getting even tighter.

BCS Standings Analysis: TCU Separates From Boise State


TCU Separates from Boise State, LSU closes in on Boise State.

BCS Rankings Projection: Top Four Unchanged, But Separation Growing

Our BCS rankings projection for this week has Oregon topping Auburn again.

BCS Rankings: Analysis On The Notable Teams


As predicted, the Oregon Ducks passed the Auburn Tigers in the official BCS standings. The TCU Horned Frogs also passed the Boise St. Broncos, but both remain close. More surprisingly, the Utah...

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