Ben Swanson


I write mostly about the Bobcats. I've been a Rufus on Fire member since way back and managing editor since February of 2011. In my past life, I wrote for short stints with Bobcats Baseline and I was once a Charlotte Bobcats interactive media intern. Now I am a journalism school student at UNC-Chapel Hill and cover mostly stories about large burritos and SlamBall. Outside of basketball, I mainly make lots of jokes and listen to a lot of music. Inside of a basketball, it's too dark to do any of those things. (c) Groucho Marx


Your Rockets-Blazers schedule

We've got two of the NBA's brightest young guards and some stupendous frontcourt talent and two teams ready to fire up from long range. The series between Portland and Houston starts April 20.

Your Heat-Bobcats schedule

The Heat's quest for a three-peat begins with the Bobcats, starting on April 20 at 3:30 p.m. EST on ABC.

Complete Bulls-Wizards schedule

John Wall and Joakim Noah lead their respective teams in The Obama Series, and here is the schedule.

Thunder clinch No. 2 seed, Clippers get No. 3

It took a great late effort from Kevin Durant and the Thunder to beat the Pistons (yes, the Pistons) at home (yes, at home!) but Oklahoma City eked out the win and clinched the No. 2 seed, securing the Clippers at third.

DeAndre Jordan puts Ibaka on a poster, dunks a lot

With the ease of a butter knife, DeAndre Jordan flushes an alley-oop with a reverse jam.

Marc Gasol threads needle with sidewinder throw

Marc Gasol has five eyes and 10-foot arms and was built by a machine that loves basketball.

Joakim Noah's twin visits him at Bulls game

Ok, so maybe it's not Joakim Noah's twin. But this guy earns himself a spot in the Internet for trying and getting pretty close.

Jeff Withey gets loose ball help from ref's head

The basketball hit the referee in the head, need I say more?

Terrence Ross does 360 spin before nailing 3

You don't need to spin before your three-pointers against the Philadelphia 76ers but for Terrence Ross, I guess it doesn't hurt.

LeBron reverses putback with no Plumlee to deny it

LeBron James, faced against no Plumlee, found plenty of room to finish a putback dunk this time.

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