Bomani Jones


Biding time 'til the next time somebody fires me. If you work here, please don't take this as an invitation.


Elway's worst nightmare


So many mistakes by the Seahawks. So many questions after Texans-Patriots. And a GIF that says more about Colin Kaepernick than any of us could. It's the Monday Morning Jones.

No defense for Shanny


After sleeping on it, there's still no defending Mike Shanahan. In a week, the Ravens probably won't be able to defend Peyton Manning's offense. And Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Rodgers just want to...

The NFL's best worst quarterback


Same ol' Tony Romo. Same ol' Falcons and Texans. But there's a brand new NFL MVP, and Adrian Peterson will get another crack at the Packers next week. That and more in the Monday Morning Jones.

Goodbye 2012

Bomani & Jones says goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013 with the stories that just won't die.

49ers in the Super Bowl? Bah! Humbug!


What looks worse after the weekend -- the 49ers' Super Bowl chances, DeMarcus Cousins' reputation or Tim Tebow's future? Merry Christmas from the Monday Morning Jones.


The Jets need some Kwanzaa

In the latest episode of Bomani & Jones, Bomani bestows a little Kwanzaa spirit on the team that needs it the most.


Bomani & Jones: Fighting teammates

The college football world was stunned to see two Arizona teammates throwing punches on the sidelines. That got us thinking: which two teammates in sports would we want to se fight?

Are the Cowboys ... likable?


What was more surprising -- the Patriots trailing San Francisco 31-3, the Pats tying the score at 31, or seeing Josh Brent on the Cowboys sideline? Right, there's a lot to cover in this week's...

Bomani & Jones: Give Spiller the damn ball

Millions of us run our own teams, and we're dependent on coaches to make smart decisions. Like, you know, giving the ball to their best players.


Bomani & Jones: Boxing brings out basic instincts

The primal nature of fisticuffs takes us to our most base levels. That, usually, is pretty hilarious if you don't take it personally. But if you do, you better be ready to fight for real.

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