Brian Cook



TWIS: Roll Tide! Into despair!

This Week In Schadenfreude collects the weekend's craziest college football internet and gives it to you in a steaming pile. This week: Roll Tide!

TWIS: Muschamp, 'our most idiotic ancestor'

This Week In Schadenfredue collects thing said about football on the internet. Most of them a real mad. This week: Will Muschamp as the world's worst James Bond Villain! Baylor fans worry about...

TWIS: 404 Georgia coaches not found

This Week In Schadenfreude collects dumb things, and some clever ones, said about college football. This week: ginger Thor sinks Georgia! Duke makes grown men quit! It's not your fault,...

A 'super drunk' This Week in Schadenfreude

TWIS trawls the internet every week for the most unhinged college football comments available. This week: fans of any NFL team that can't run at all declare Al Borges must be involved!

TWIS: Knock it *down*, Northwestern

Annual Northwestern Hail Mary loss debacle! I have scurvy! Michigan coaches as ineffectual Civil War generals! There be maggots in me hard tack! Miami fans saying "azz"! Pirate things!

TWIS: Mizzou and the importance of uprights

TWIS trawls the college football internet for people saying outlandish or silly things. This week: Missouri should have paid a union contractor! Charlie Weis achieves something! Virginia Tech...

TWIS: New levels of Clemsoning

This week: philosophical discursions on the nature and being of Clemsoning! Drunk, belligerent, and rooting for Iowa State is no way to go through life, son! The re-GERGening! And the SEC eats itself!

TWIS: The stupidest game Michigan ever played

MAYBE IT'LL WORK THIS TIME, BORGES, sad Michigan poetry, sad bastard Michigan fans toning down their fandom, sad Michigan swearing charts. And some other stuff.

TWIS: LSU fans smell like bourbon

This week in college footaball e-mayhem: LSU fans self-scout about corndogs! Georgia Tech deploys umlauts! Notre Dame does not sing a particular song! Purdue! Even more Monsoon Popcorn Guy! Voyeurs...

TWIS: West Virginia is a drunken possum

This Week In Schadenfreude mines the depth of West Virginia's despair. Yes that was on purpose. What are you going to do about it, WVU? Not score touchdowns, that's for damn sure.

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