Brian Cook



TWIS: Wisconsin is lining up for that field goal

Goings-on in college football! The entire state of Wisconsin on a manhunt for Pac-12 refs! Bo Pelini swears at things! A guy at Wake Forest is mad! Nebraska fans taunted by squirrels! Future Texas...

This Week In Schadenfreude

This Week In Schadenfreude absorbs the collective agony of college football and crams it into one place. This week: Texas puts people in dove-murderin' moods. USC shows real pathology. A man's...

TWIS: It came from the FCS!

TWIS returns with tales of losses to teams that aren't even bowl subdivision, bro.

At least you're not Auburn!

TWIS rounds up the ragiest rage being said on the internet about college football weekly. This week: Al Borges vitriol poems, everyone thanks God they're not Auburn except the Auburn guy asking...

TWIS: Welcome to Texas A&M, Alabama

This week: RUN THE FRIGGIN BALL ALABAMA AND DON'T LOSE TO JOHNNY FOOTBALL, missing Bill Stewart, forcing Miami fans to go to Orlando botanical gardens, and the Job of college football.

LSU makes Bama cry, doesn't enjoy it

This week: LSU fans get their wish, dislike wish. Spaziani goes full Picard.. More is expected from Maryland, for some reason. Someone is termed "butter teeth hand-clapper." Murder is wished on the...

Come, revel in Tom O'Brien's misery

This week: all of the stars are deployed at Tom O'Brien, ostrich James Vandenberg, Oklahoma epiphany is aborted, guns are aimed at Oski's nether regions, and Hogville Zen becomes a real religion.

This Week In Schadenfreude honors WVU

This edition features a WVU fan rewriting the entire Mike Valenti screed from the 2006 MSU-ND game into a WVU-appropriate format, and could probably stop there but keeps going.

Mack Brown would like his stapler

TWIS rounds up the most ludicrous reactions to college football weekly. This edition features some idiot taking his girlfriend to the Red River Shootout, Virginia fans demanding hip-hop they've...

This week in schadenfreude: Oh God, Auburn

Broken Seminoles! Don't underrate Duke! Texas fans sleeping on the couch! Clownshoes! Sleepless in East Hartford! Torches! Pitchforks! Kickball! Duke! SERIOUSLY. DUKE.

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