Carson Cistulli

Hot Corner Scribe

Carson Cistulli is a famous American. Carson writes for FanGraphs, where he is steadfast guardian of NotGraphs


To Whom It May Concern, Re: The Hem Of Rob Neyer's Garment

To Whom It May Concern,↵If ever you were interested in touching the hem of ubermensch Rob Neyer's garment, you can probably do it somewhere in Denver tonight — which, provided his Twitter feed is...

Finding: Divorce Leading Cause Of Baseball Nerdery

The suggestion that baseball nerds all live, respectively, in their mother's respective basements is a common one in modern sportswriting. A cursory tour of the internet reveals that the phrase...

Pressing Question: Are Dodger Games A Form Of Entertainment?

If, as the legal disclaimer reads, Dodger radio broadcasts are "intended solely for the entertainment of the listening audience," does this mean that everyone who listens to them (i.e. Dodger games...

Your Daily Affirmation, Courtesy Vin Scully

Quote: "This game will constantly amaze you."↵Source: The 103-year-old Vin Scully, bottom of the seventh inning, Monday's Phillies-Dodgers game.↵

Life Or Death Poll: Is It Okay To Be A Fan Of Two Teams?

This is what's known in the industry as a "life or death poll." What industry, specifically, I can't say for sure — but definitely one of them.↵

The Last Sentence From A Great, Unwritten Speech

"In conclusion, Henry Rowengartner is the name of the character from 1993 film Rookie of the Year, while Henry Darger is the deceased practitioner of what's commonly known as outsider art."↵

Mike Stanton: He Are Who We Thought He Were

Apropos of mostly nothing — besides the fact that I'm just sitting here at this dumb computer box — here's Marlin right fielder Mike Stanton's line this season: 285 PA, .255/.330/.534 (.296...

Wily Mo Pena: Bad Man

Wily Mo Pena hit a home run Friday night (watch) — his second since being recalled from Triple-A three days earlier.↵It's also the second home run of 450-plus feet he's hit in that time — which,...

Baseball Sitcom Idea: Bangers And Mash

Title: Bangers and Mash↵Characters: This one guy with the last name Bangers, this other one with the last name Mash. Other people, probably.↵Backstory: Bangers and Mash are two well-known...

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