Ryan Nanni



When crashing trains was a spectator sport


Texas sports were pretty terrible in the 19th century. And then one man decided to slam two locomotives into each other.


The best QBs of the 90s, according to rap lyrics

Brett Favre didn't just win a Super Bowl in the 1990s, he was the most rapped about of all NFL quarterbacks. Ryan Nanni runs the stats to see how the QBs stacked up in the 1990s.

The best QBs of the '80s, according to rap lyrics


QB rating? QBR? Overall record? Super Bowl rings? How do measure who the best NFL quarterbacks of the 1980s were? Easy: rap lyrics.

The Tour de France is the best mystery novel


It's got poison and shootings and roadside beatings and horse-kickings.


Jim Schwartz, mad scientist

Schwartz learned the hard way about letting his emotions get the better of him during his days with the Lions. Now, he has a way around that, a secret the mad scientist himself shared with Ryan...

Rutgers goes B1G

The Scarlet Knights are officially members of the Big Ten. This mainly concerns their neighbor that the conference hopes to woo and their neighbor that they hope to beat on the field.

Punt Brothers podcast, episode 4: Breaking Madden


Video games are good for your brain, probably.

Punt Brothers, World Cup edition

Dan Rubenstein. Spencer Hall. World Cup. What's missing? Jon Bois, that's what.


Exiled Mike Munchak has a secret

The deposed Titans head coach has a dirty little secret. SB Nation's Ryan Nanni met with the exiled Munchak for a completely fictional interview to find out what the coach was hiding.

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