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Draft Numerology, NFC South

Don't know how to approach the NFL Draft will all the rumors floating around? Pseudoscience is probably your best bet.

Draft numerology, AFC West: Meet quarterback A

Most of the AFC West is picking in the later part of the 2014 NFL Draft. Sorry, Oakland. So what's going to happen? Which team is going to find the next Jason Campbell or even Kerry Collins? Celebrity Hot Tub runs the numbers.

Draft numerology, AFC North: Are we there yet?

It doesn't matter who a team CAN pick when they're on the clock. What matters is who they SHOULD pick based on arbitrary historical data.

Draft numerology, playing the crane game

With the same pick, you might get Drew Brees or you might get Patrick Ramsey. That might be the best way to sum up the NFL Draft.

Draft Numerology: AFC South

Forget the mock drafts and ignore what anonymous scouts are saying. There's only way to get ready for the NFL Draft and that's with numbers. The Internet's Celebrity Hot Tub walks us through the AFC South and its sad history.

A list of QBs greater than Johnny Manziel

Tyler Thigpen. Matt Leinart. Cleo Lemon. Johnny Manziel is, quite literally, less of a man than all of them.

Minnesota's Super Bowl win

Don't act like you did it all by yourselves, Seattle.

25 things that will happen at the Super Bowl

You can't bet on these because Vegas doesn't let you bet on near certainties.

Defense mechanisms: A look back at the 2002 Bucs

Ten years ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Oakland Raiders for the franchise's only Super Bowl win and their last win of any kind in the postseason. How did they do it? They found an identity.

The best laid plans of the NFC Championship

Plan A was meaningless on offense in the first half on Sunday. The Seattle and San Francisco defenses were not just ready for Plan A, they were eager for it.

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