Dan Grunfeld


Dan Grunfeld is a professional basketball player and a contributor to SBNation.com. A proud graduate of Stanford University, Dan now plays in the top league in Israel, where he supplements his on-court experience with high-volume consumption of hummus and falafel.


We're spoiled by LeBron

LeBron James has been under the microscope more than any other player in the league. That's OK, as long as we don't forget why he's so intensely scrutinized in the first place.

10 best ballers in film history

It's award season, which means it's the perfect time of year for Dan Grunfeld to announce his all-time squad of basketball players from movies. GIFs have graciously been provided for each selection, so their greatness is most properly understood.

Your gift guide to '90s NBA jerseys

Old-school replica jerseys from the '90s have made a comeback in the last few years. But what classic players should you really be wearing? Dan Grunfeld breaks it down for you, like only a self-proclaimed jersey expert can.

The best names in NBA history

What’s in a name? Dan Grunfeld has no idea, but he does a great job of pretending in this colorful categorization of some of the most praiseworthy names in the great history of the NBA.

LeBron, Reading And How Books Can Benefit A Pro Athlete

LeBron James made headlines for reading at his locker before dominating the 2012 NBA Playoffs. As a professional athlete who loves to read, Dan Grunfeld takes a firsthand look at how (and why) reading can improve an athlete’s performance.

It's Just Business: An Inside Look At Loyalty In Pro Sports

Ray Allen left the Celtics for the Heat. Does that make him a traitor? Dan Grunfeld answers that question while also explaining why loyalty in sports is not always as cut and dry as it may appear.

Russell Westbrook: The NBA Finals' Scorpion King

Russell Westbrook has been a lightning rod for criticism during the NBA Finals, so Dan Grunfeld takes a look at the enigmatic Thunder point guard and comes to the conclusion that the guy is just a scorpion.

Why NBA Players Flop, And What The League Can Do About It

Right? Wrong? Fair? Foul? Whatever it is, flopping has been more prevalent than ever during the current NBA season, so Dan Grunfeld examines the controversial act, in all of its morally ambiguous glory.

The Genius Of The San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs may seem mundane, but they're playing historically great basketball right now. Dan Grunfeld tackles their genius by taking an inside look at the qualities that make them such an incredibly good basketball team.

Anatomy Of An ACL Injury

The number of devastating knee injuries in sports has been off the charts recently. They've been tough to watch, especially for Dan Grunfeld, because he knows exactly how it feels.

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