David Pincus


David Pincus writes sports history articles for SB Nation. He is known for having a seemingly useless collection of trivial sports facts, and for making analogies to everything.


ESPN's forgotten TV shows


Let's take a trip down memory lane and recall some programming -- good and bad -- that ESPN used to air, but no longer does, for one reason or another.


Pelicans, Hornets and the MJ connection

What would have happened if Michael Jordan had bought the Charlotte Hornets in 1999?

Will the Redskins Rule stand in the 2012 election?

We break down the "Redskins Rule" which details Presidential Election results when the Redskins win and lose before the election.

Does the NFL Pink campaign make a difference?


The NFL touts that it's raised $3 million for the American Cancer Society since 2009. But how much are they really giving them? Contrary to previous reports, the NFL denies that only 5% of the...

Brees or DiMaggio: Which streak is better?

Drew Brees just set the record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass. But how does it stack up to the mother of all sports streaks, Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak?

Onward to; A Fond Farewell to Inhistoric

Inhistoric's writer is moving on to write about sports history for But first, he bids a sad, reflective farewell to the blog that got him this far.

Today in Sports History: December 25th

(Shaq commits his sixth foul vs. Los Angeles on X-Mas. Photo by AP Photos) 12/25/1984 - King scores 60Bernard King of the New York Knicks scores 60 points against the New Jersey Nets --...

4/01/1996 - McSherry dies in Reds opener

Seven pitches into the Reds opening day game against the Montreal Expos, home plate umpire John McSherry staggers away from the batter's box after signaling timeout and collapses under his own...

Today in Sports History: December 10th

(A-Rod receiving his Rangers outfit. Photo by Donna McWilliam, AP Photos) 12/10/2000 - The quarter-billion dollar manAlex Rodriguez's turn from a respected phenom to a hated pretty boy begins as...

Today in Sports History: May 22nd

(LeBron after hitting The Chosen Shot. Photo by Gregory Shamus, Getty Images) 5/22/1963 - Nats move to Philadelphia Not long after the franchise was sold to a group of Philadelphia businessmen,...

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