David Pincus


David Pincus writes sports history articles for SB Nation. He is known for having a seemingly useless collection of trivial sports facts, and for making analogies to everything.


Today in Sports History: May 10th

(Reggie hits the three in front of Spike Lee. Photo by Paul Sancya, Indianapolis Star) 5/10/1974 - Kareem sky-hook beats CelticsOne of the best games in the 1970's ends on a signature move from...

9/09/2007 - Kevin Everett suffers paralysis

(Everett lays motionless on the ground. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press) In the closing seconds of a game between the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bulls, Broncos kicker Jason Elam...

Today in Sports History: December 17th

(The Browns' farewell game was memorable. Photo by Stephen Dunn, Getty Images) 12/17/1995 - Cleveland fans go out in styleEnjoyed yesterday's story about the Browns fans who went berserk over a...

12/22/2003 - Knicks hire Isiah Thomas

(Isiah getting introduced to New York. Screencap courtesy of ESPN) When Ernie Grunfeld became the Bucks' general manager in 1999, the New York Knicks began a long, downward spiral of failure....

9/11/1985 - Cobb rolls over in his grave

(Rose singles off Eric Show for his record hit. Photo courtesy of Getty Images) On a 2-1 slider from Padres pitcher Eric Show, Pete Rose knocked career hit number 4,192 into left-center field....

Today in Sports History: December 23rd

(Tim Duncan. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein, Getty Images) 12/23/1962 - Texans win epic championship game Through four quarters of football, the Houston Oilers and the Dallas Texans were knotted at...

12/23/1982 - Chaminade topples Virginia

(Sampson, right, guards Ernest Pettway. Photo courtesy of The Honolulu Advertiser, via here) The greatest upset of a powerhouse college basketball team came in 1982, when Chaminade [shaw*man*od]...

Catching up with The Franchise, Season 2

When I sat down to watch The Franchise, I imagined there would be some issue with it. Never in my wildest dreams could I pinpoint the principle flaw with the show on man, let alone that it's Dan Le...

The Prosecution Rests on the Legacy of JoePa

Joe Paterno may the greatest college football coach in history, but not that or 40 years of good deeds can overshadow his new legacy as a pedophile-protector, Inhistoric writes.

A rash to overcompensate judgment

Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan? Good lord, who cares. I love basketball and I love the NBA. But the breathless attention given to LeBron James' every waking action is mind-numbing. And...

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