David Pincus


David Pincus writes sports history articles for SB Nation. He is known for having a seemingly useless collection of trivial sports facts, and for making analogies to everything.


Bad to be 'Bron

I think when Tiger Woods wakes up in the middle of the night, he's reflecting on a lot of things. He looks back at all the poor performances in recent years, all the lost opportunities at majors,...

Perception becomes reality with the NBA

Is the NBA rigged? No. But as long as D-Wade can kick Kevin Garnett in the nuts and manage to draw a foul, conspiracy theories will live on.

Is it wrong to root against greatness?

I keep having to remind myself that I should like the San Antonio Spurs, but I can't do it, even though they personify everything I like about sports. They're a small-market team made good; they...

The Oddity of the Single-Game Home Run Record

The single-game home run record is one of the strangest, coolest records in all of sports. When Josh Hamilton knocked his fourth longball against the Orioles, he tied the single-game record for...

Anatomy of a Comeback

There are some things in sports that you only get to see once: Kobe Bryant's 81-point game, the Stanford band running onto the field, Louis Oosthuizen converting a double eagle. Most things we get...

Odom and the Humanization of Sports

Is a pro athlete ever allowed to fail, or are their salaries too extreme for them to deserve any sympathy? It's a question I asked myself this week after the Mavericks cut ties with Lamar Odom, the...

2012 in Sports: A Year of Surprises

At this point, it's safe to say that 2012 is the year of surprises in sports. Even If nothing else happens in 2012 -- which is a distinct possibility, since the Mayans say we're all go to meet our...

Just how bad are the terrible, terrible Bobcats?

So here's something I found interesting. As the country is hammering away at Rush Limbaugh (and rightly so) for calling a woman a slut, I saw during last Sunday's NBA double-header on ABC an ad for...

Oh, how the dunk contest has fallen

The NBA dunk contest used to feature the best players in the sport, the likes of Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins and Clyde Drexler. Now, we're lucky just to get Paul George and Derrick...

Linsanity Highlights the Mismanagement of the Warriors

Linsanity Highlights the Mismanagement of the Warriors; Ryan Gomes started in more games for the Clippers last year than the last seven Warriors first-round picks (other than Steph Curry) had in...

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