David Pincus


David Pincus writes sports history articles for SB Nation. He is known for having a seemingly useless collection of trivial sports facts, and for making analogies to everything.


It's Hard To Believe The Super Bowl Used To Suck

We're now a full week removed from Super Bowl XLVI, but before we bury the NFL season, there's one final note that needs to be made, and that's that this generation has been unbelievably lucky when...

Whitney Houston Dies at 48; Sung Maybe the Greatest Anthem Ever

Some people think Marvin Gaye's version of the National Anthem at the All-Star Game in L.A. was the greatest of all time. Some think that title belongs to Jimi Hendrix. There is no wrong answer...

Notes on Super Bowl XLVI

I have to admit, it feels weird writing about Super Bowl XLVI because it feels like I've already done it. Dunno about the rest of you, but I was getting a serious case of deja vu throughout game;...

So it looks like Braun will keep his MVP. Huh.

It's hard to rationalize why Ryan Braun should be allowed to keep the National League MVP trophy. Braun was found to have taken performance-enhancing drugs, an act that he has since denied, but one...

Why It Isn't Wrong To Attack The Recently-Departed JoePa

The media should spend less time celebrating JoePa, and more time finding out how an 85-year-old man could make such an egregious error, Inhistoric writes.

Dwight Howard breaks a tremendously-belated franchise record

The Orlando Magic are a very interesting franchise. They're located in sunny Orlando, Florida, a city that at first glance would appear to be a haven for potential NBA free-agents. And yet they...

LeBron James: The NBA's Sometimes Nonexistent Superstar

Choking happens to athletes all the time, but that doesn't make it an indictment on the player. In 1997, in Game 5 of a semifinals series against the Jazz, an 18-year-old rookie Kobe Bryant shot...

Stilt No More: Dwight Breaks a Wilt Free-Throw Record

Dwight Howard shot 39 free-throws on Thursday, breaking a single-game record that had been held by Wilt Chamberlain for nearly 50 years. Chamberlain once attempted 34 foul shots in a game on...

Tim Tebow and other stuff

So earlier today, I posted something on what I thought was the senseless backlash on the hiring of Penn State coach Bill O'Brien, where people are losing their minds over what a horrible hire it...

O'Brien Bitching: Where PSU Fans Senselessly Gripe About Their New Coach

The author of Inhistoric goes on a rampage over the outrage expressed at the hiring of Bill O'Brien. It has very little to do with sports history, but who cares?

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