Doug Eberhardt

NBA contributor

A lifetime passion for basketball has lead me from player to entrepreneur to chasing the coaching dream; high school; ABA; Summer League and training camp coach with the Knicks and Grizzlies; skills coach for various NBA'ers. As well, I spout off NBA opinions on "Sportstalk with Dan Russell," on CISL AM650 (Vancouver). Big fan of Coke Zero Cherry.


How to defend the NBA's bread-and-butter play

The pick and roll is the staple of any NBA team, and teams defend it in so many different ways. We lay out all of them in preparation for the playoffs.

What is a coach's pre-game routine?

NBA players often have meticulous gameday routines, but what do the coaches do during this time? What are the keys to properly preparing a team for a game?

Why teams hold shootarounds

The shootaround has evolved into an essential part of preparing for games. Here's an inside look into what teams actually do during their shootarounds.

How the best set plays are developed

Using Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni, we explain how the best after-timeout plays are really just different triggers from the same formation.

A day in the life of an NBA assistant coach

How hard do assistant coaches work? This is a timeline of a typical non-gameday work day.

How ATO genius extends to defense

Strong after-timeout coaching doesn't just happen on offense. We highlight an example of a defensive call that helped the Pacers win a critical game against the Blazers.

Please don't retire, Steve

Steve Nash is one day from his 40th birthday and has been struggling with back injuries. Despite this, one Nash acquaintance pleads for him to keep playing and defying Father Time.

The 'After Timeout' All-Stars

The actual All-Star team was revealed Thursday night, but what if they made a team just for coaches? We hand out awards for those who can draw up plays that work out of timeouts.

(Baseline) Hammer Time

The Spurs' favorite set play has become more common across the league. We break down how they do it in this week's edition.

How to 'blue' a pick and roll

One of the most important defensive concepts is also known as one of the core colors of the rainbow. We explain the concept of "blueing" a pick and roll, using one of the league's best defensive teams as an example.

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