Jason Brannon

Hot Corner Scribe

Jason Brannon is a sometime research assistant to Rob Neyer, wrote a chapter for Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Blunders, and plays drums with Oh, Alchemy. He is the author of Use Your Beard as a Blanket and 100 Other Y2K Survival Tips. Follow Jason on Twitter at


Same-sex marriage and the steroids mess


Will Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens ever be elected to the Hall of Fame? Bill James thinks it'll just take another generation.

The Unrewarded

Here's an All-Star team made up of the best players who never: a) Played for a World Series champion.b) Won an MVP or Cy Young award.c) Won election to the Hall of Fame. Oh, they played on...

The All-Switch-Hitter Team

Most people are right-handed. You can depend on a right-handed person. A right-handed person is a good neighbor, definitely not a bomb-thrower. A lefty, on the other hand, you have to watch out...

The best and worst seasons of the 21st century

... by position and according to Wins+*. First, the best: Pos Year Player Team wRC+ Wins+ Notes C 2009 Joe Mauer Twins 170 15.5 Virtual tie with Buster Posey in 2012. ...

My favorite rumor

This would have been a blast: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2002 -- The Daily News has learned that there have been preliminary discussions at the highest levels of baseball about having the MLB-owned...

An unintended side effect of banning collisions

Without the tried-and-true option of colliding with the catcher, baserunners will be forced to perform awkward, aesthetically unpleasant "hook slides," never envisioned by the founders of our great...

Baseball in the time before agents

Bill Veeck explains how he negotiated Bob Feller's salary: "When it actually came down to agreeing on a figure, [Feller] would write what he thought [he was worth] on one slip of paper, I would...

There is no such thing as a second baseman

Bill James, from the "Hey Bill" section of his website: ...if you look at the history of the amateur draft, there has almost never been a second baseman drafted in the first round. I think in...

But did Tony La Russa know Van Lingle Mungo?

At the beginning of his managerial career, Tony La Russa — who was just elected to the Hall of Fame — appeared on To Tell the Truth, a game show wherein two impostors ... here, you can figure it...

Get hired the Jack Zduriencik way

In the post-Moneyball era, there are lots of paths to becoming a general manager. You can work your way up through a major league organization, all the while gaining valuable experience in all...

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