Jason Kirk

College Football Editor

My job is to make sure other people write about serious things and to personally write about stupid things, as you can see below. Go Falcons and Owls and no other raptors.


Combined NFL/NBA/MLB first-rounders by school

College or high school or country, that is. Point of origin.

Charlie Weis marvels at crowd of *dozens*

There are seven billion people on earth, and several of them are in Arrowhead Stadium *at the same time*.

SB Nation *finally* mentioned in O'Bannon trial


We collected these tweeted photos of Alabama's new hall of football, which the plaintiffs argue helps show there's plenty of money to go around in college sports. Not exactly the deepest analysis we've ever done, but we made it in. (And if EA Sports hadn't settled, bet this would've made it in, too.)

Here is a joke with 3 different punchlines


That's SEC executive associate commissioner Greg Sankey testifying in federal court that programs in his conference would (1.) yield a major recruiting advantage to other conferences and (2.) signal to their fans that twentieth-century amateurism is more important than winning football games. And (3.) go about business as if SEC players are all currently unpaid. There might be more punchlines here, but those are the first three.

10 conferences. Ranked.

There are 10 Tuesdays between us and the first full weekend of college football. And there are 10 FBS conferences. Let's start the Tuesday countdown off with a simple one.

How much money does the NCAA make? That depends.


This trial has now seen three different ways we can calculate how much money the NCAA's members make.

Map: 2015 blue-chip quarterbacks


It's a down year for quarterback prospects east of the Mississippi River, but Southern California is loaded.

Player jerseys used as NCAA-O'Bannon evidence

Many football programs sell jerseys with numbers that *just happen to match* those of current star players. This is the NCAA's problem.

The 100 Wins in 11 Seasons Club

We figure 2015 high school prospects first became aware of sports and which teams were winning a lot around first grade or so, which would've been 2003 for most.

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