Jeff Sullivan

MLB Editor

I started blogging about the Seattle Mariners at Leone For Third in December of 2003, and I joined SBN and founded Lookout Landing in January 2005. I can see outside from my room, which is good enough. You can also find me writing about general baseball at SBNation.com/MLB, where I pretend to know half as much about 29 other teams as I do about the Mariners.


Cliff Lee Reportedly Hits Waivers


Tons of players get placed on waivers every August, but the Cliff Lee situation is a little more interesting than these situations usually are.

Site Notice

For reasons that are far less interesting than those you might try to guess, today I am officially leaving Baseball Nation. Nothing else is going to change, and in time I will be resurfacing at...

Houston Astros Putting On A Clinic In Bad


The Houston Astros are terrible, just as everybody figured they would be. Lately, though, they've been extra terrible, and we need to look at this before it passes.

Shawn Camp

↵-S. Camp relieved J. Russell↵-Harrison singled to right↵-McCutchen doubled to left center↵-Jones singled to left center↵-Snider singled to shallow right↵-McKenry homered to deep left...

There Exists A Josh Hamilton Mystery


What's been the matter with Josh Hamilton for the last couple months? Something, according to Josh Hamilton and Ron Washington.

Ryan Braun Hits A Home Run

Big whoop. Ryan Braun hits lots of home runs! He might be hitting another home run right now! Ryan Braun was the 2011 NL MVP and MVPs hit home runs, unless they're Justin Verlander. But Wednesday,...

On Perhaps The Very Worst Home Run


A few days ago, against the Reds, Michael Cuddyer hit a home run. It might have been the worst of them.


Baseball-Reference’s most popular player pages for Tuesday:↵1. Hunter Pence, 15,031 hits↵2. Travis Snider, 11,480↵3. Ryan Dempster, 11,210↵4. Nate Schierholtz, 10,594↵5. Shane...

A Perfect Sort Of Deadline Trade


Shortly before the non-waiver trade deadline, the Los Angeles Dodgers added outfielder Shane Victorino. It doesn't get a whole lot better than this, all around.

John Danks Having Surgery, Out For Season


Chicago White Sox starter John Danks will undergo shoulder surgery, and he's finished for the remainder of 2012.

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