Jeff Sullivan

MLB Editor

I started blogging about the Seattle Mariners at Leone For Third in December of 2003, and I joined SBN and founded Lookout Landing in January 2005. I can see outside from my room, which is good enough. You can also find me writing about general baseball at SBNation.com/MLB, where I pretend to know half as much about 29 other teams as I do about the Mariners.



Baseball-Reference’s most popular player pages for Thursday:↵1. Hanley Ramirez, 3,462 hits↵2. Ichiro, 3,204↵3. Derek Jeter, 3,052↵4. Alex Rodriguez, 2,732↵5. Mike Trout, 2,543

The Hidden Thrill And Risk Of Josh Johnson


So Josh Johnson is out there for the taking in advance of the trade deadline, kind of. There's something subtle working in his favor as an acquisition. There's something subtle that isn't.

Something That Happened

↵This is the eighth time this has happened this season.↵(h/t)

Matt Garza Out With Triceps Injury


Matt Garza's got some fluid in his triceps, and while he isn't dealing with anything major, his inactivity should all but keep him from getting traded before the deadline.

Fastballs And Skinning Cats


Among those who are the best at inducing swings and misses at their fastballs is one pretty surprising name. Turns out there's more than one way to get a hitter to whiff.


Baseball-Reference’s most popular player pages for Wednesday:↵1. Hanley Ramirez, 18,047 hits2. Ichiro Suzuki, 6,7923. Alex Rodriguez, 6,7854. Josh Johnson, 5,7535. Cole Hamels, 5,632

Trade News

Jerry Crasnick:↵↵The Pirates are letting teams know Kevin Correia is available.↵↵Correia WAR, FanGraphs:↵2010: 0.02011: 0.02012: 0.1↵Correia WAR, Baseball-Reference:↵2010: -1.92011: -...

Unstoppable Forces And Immovable Objects


Juan Pierre never strikes out. Craig Kimbrel never doesn't strike a guy out. Pierre has faced off against Kimbrel one time. What happened?

Three-Pitch Strikeouts

Jim Johnson: 0↵Jared Hughes: 1↵Francisco Rodriguez: 1↵Alexi Ogando: 1↵Tyler Clippard: 1↵J.J. Putz: 2↵Grant Balfour: 2↵Chris Davis: 2

Francisco Liriano Interests Orioles, Others


Francisco Liriano is a talented pitcher on a bad team, and so he's the subject of trade rumors with the deadline rapidly approaching.

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