Jim Buzinski



The gay guide to the big game

A man-eating vagina; a giant turtle; gay rights supporters; the best bodies; a Beyonce halftime and who will win the game between the 49ers and Ravens.

Living in baseball's closet


For 11 seasons, John Dillinger bounced around baseball's minor leagues, playing all across the country. And for 11 seasons, he hid who he really was. Now, as a happy, gay man, Dillinger tells his...

Did Jamie Kuntz's Punishment Fit The Crime?


The real issue in the dismissal of Jamie Kuntz from his college football team is whether the punishment fits the crime.

NBC Finally Gets Around To Saying That Matthew Mitcham Is Gay

NBC was criticized for not mentioning diver Matthew Mitcham's being gay in 2008. The network made good in 2012.

Is Ian Thorpe Gay? 'I Tick All The Boxes,' Australian Swim Star Says


Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe on whether he is gay: "I tick all the boxes."

American David Boudia Wins Olympic Platform Gold, First For U.S. Since Greg Louganis

American David Boudia wins gold medal in men's platform diving on final dive, first gold for a U.S. male diver in 20 years.

Olympic Diver Matthew Mitcham A Model For An Athlete Coming Out


Australian diver Matthew Mitcham shows how an athlete can come out as gay without being defined by it.

Is Tom Daley Gay? He's a Diver, So He Must Be

Stereotypes are alive in well in Olympic sports, as gay questions follow Tom Daley and other divers

Matthew Mitcham Will Dive Naked If He Wins Olympic Gold Medal


Openly gay Aussie diver Matthew Mitcham will dive naked if he wins gold medal in men's platform.

U.S. Soccer's Megan Rapinoe Says Coming Out Before Olympics 'Weight Off My Shoulders'

U.S. women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe is glad she came out as a lesbian before the Olympics, saying a weight has been lifted from her shoulders.

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