Jon Bois

Featured Contributor

You have never read a sportswriter more recently than Jon Bois. He is an associate editor at SB Nation, he is an enthusiast of the Chiefs, Braves, and Royals, and he lives in Louisville, Kentucky.


The quest for 511 passing TDs in a game


Peyton Manning is now the all-time leader in touchdown passes with 510. Brett Favre's mission: to surpass that in a single game. We realize how impossible this sounds.

The brave souls who made it into Breaking Madden

In total, 12 of you will be featured in this week's Breaking Madden. If you're one of them, I'm sorry. Let's talk about the worst days at work we've ever had.

The 344th: a Breaking Madden miracle


It wasn't supposed to happen. This episode of Breaking Madden was supposed to be a story of defeat. But sometimes I am not in charge.

Breaking Madden: Edge of Tom-orrow

A quarterback sneak from inside your own 1-yard line is a terrible idea. Let's do this hundreds of times.

People do awful things for Breaking Madden infamy

Did you make it into Breaking Madden? Well, goodness, I hope not. Here are the 21 people who have disgraced their way into Week 7's episode.

BEEFTANK returns


Five feet tall. 400 pounds. Age 76. Fast as the Dickens, and perhaps even faster. At long last, the hero of Breaking Madden has returned.

Every Commercial Is Good, a comic strip


You should buy every advertised product.

The haunting of Cam Newton


In this episode of Breaking Madden, we are disabling the offsides penalty. Ice up, Cam.



Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" recently ended its run in the United States. Before it left, it gave us a two-hour odyssey of vanity, failures, and humiliations that must never be forgotten.

Run the dang ball, Teddy


Teddy Bridgewater didn't run much in college, and when he did, he was one of the least graceful ball carriers in football. Now he plays before a nation of dumb NFL fans who want him to run. In this...

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