Jon Bois

Featured Contributor

You have never read a sportswriter more recently than Jon Bois. He is an associate editor at SB Nation, he is an enthusiast of the Chiefs, Braves, and Royals, and he lives in Louisville, Kentucky.


Old Kobe meets Young Kobe, and he hates him

This season was full of injury and frustration for Kobe Bryant. In this episode of NBA Y2K, we're giving him a do-over of the season, and giving him a teammate he knows better than anyone. He will hate this. Oh God, he will hate it.

Vote for your favorite GIF of the week

It's our first THIS WEEK IN GIFs of the baseball season, and the Astros have wasted no time in building their astoundingly crappy GIF legacy. Vote, and help us decide the best of the week.


We at SB Nation posted tens of thousands of comments as we watched this year's NCAA Tournament. Most were fun. Many were posted in blind fits of fury. Here, we examine the phenomenon of "ref rage," and see who got the maddest.

The video game Sixers go for an 0-82 season

Welcome to the series premiere of NBA Y2K, the basketball edition of Breaking Madden. The 76ers' losing streak ended at only 26 games. Let's make it 82, and send the franchise into a spiral of despair out of which they will never emerge.

Vote for your favorite GIF of the week

Basketballs aren't the only objects that can be airballed. That is what this week's crop of GIFs has to teach us. Vote, and help us decide the best animated sports GIF of the week.

The worst homework of all time

North Carolina has long been suspected of holding its basketball players to loose academic standards. Now, we have proof, which we have completely made up.

DADBRACKET: The open thread

It is time to decide the most Dad Things of all time. Fill out a bracket, and give yourself a shot to win a prize package including an iPad and a Steely Dan album.

'Towns of Repute' bracket: the open thread

Today, we consider our nation's cultural meccas: Accident, Maryland. Burnt Corn, Alabama. Wankers Corner, Oregon. And 63 other town names that we promise are not made up. We're giving away an Xbox One, and we're debating the tourney in the comments.

'Best Condiment' bracket: the open thread

Our last food-themed bracket made everyone hate me forever. Let's do another one! We're giving away an Xbox One and a bucket of mayonnaise, and we're arguing in the comments section below.

Worst places to buy clothes: the open thread

Over 100 items of clothing are sold in the United States every year! Some of them, unfortunately, are purchased in notably crummy establishments. This is where we debate the very worst places to shop for clothing.

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