Jon Bois

Featured Contributor

You have never read a sportswriter more recently than Jon Bois. He is an associate editor at SB Nation, he is an enthusiast of the Chiefs, Braves, and Royals, and he lives in Louisville, Kentucky.


Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles: The open thread


The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles is massive, obnoxious, and perhaps rather confusing at points. Its author, Jon Bois, is happy to answer your questions.


Finally, the NFL on the Punt Brothers podcast

When will the NFL season start? It is impossible to say. But in this episode of Punt Brothers, Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni gear up for football's possible return with the help of SB Nation's Sarah Kogod.

How many teams are in the Pac-12?


With football fast approaching, Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni take the opportunity to talk to Cal blogger Avinash Kunnath about the upcoming Pac-12 season. Jon learned a lot, and we're proud of him.

It isn't important to try in baseball


Jon Bois and Ryan Nanni would explain to you what baseball is, but it's impossible for them to understand or describe. So instead, they speak to baseball writers Grant Brisbee and Stacey Folkemer.


Summer League: The gag reel of the NBA season

Welcome to Punt Brothers, where the only listener is you. Ryan Nanni and Jon Bois talk to SB Nation NBA editor Mike Prada about the Summer League, and speak ill of players who are probably very nice.

Sports to enjoy before football starts


The World Cup has ended, and football doesn't start for another six weeks. But don't despair! Here's a look at some of the most exciting sports the summer months have to offer.


The LeBron SI cover: Pull out a chair

The Sports Illustrated cover dedicated to LeBron James' return to Cleveland seemed a little ... basic. Herein, Vox Media designer Ramla Mahmood talks with Jon Bois about how they fell short, and...

Punt Brothers podcast: Never ride bicycles, ever


In this episode of the Punt Brothers podcast, Jon and Ryan are delighted to talk to their friend Pete Holby, bicycle enthusiast and teller of amazing Tour de France stories.

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