Jon Bois

Featured Contributor

You have never read a sportswriter more recently than Jon Bois. He is an associate editor at SB Nation, he is an enthusiast of the Chiefs, Braves, and Royals, and he lives in Louisville, Kentucky.


The weirdest comeback of the year

On Thursday, the Clippers will try to recover from Tuesday night's gut-punch: an 11-0 fourth-quarter run to put the game away, followed by an almost impossible collapse. This, in charts and GIFs,...

Terrorists have awful sex


In last night's "24", Jack Bauer shot a couple of innocent people, the president was screamed at by a bunch of scary Brits, and terrorists had creepy, unsatisfying sex. Let's re-live it all through...

Charlie Strong, recruiting god

In this episode of Chart Party, we learn three things in the wake of the NFL Draft: Teams love guys named Greg Robinson, teams don't care about stud running backs anymore, and Charlie Strong is a...

The Chiefs should never draft a quarterback again


Welcome to the first installment of Chart Party, a recurring series in which we graph out the funniest, coolest, weirdest, and/or most depressing sports things we can think of. First up: the Kansas...

Jack Bauer is 56 years old and going to kill you


Against all odds, plausibility, and good taste, Jack Bauer returned on Monday night with the first two episodes of the ninth season of "24". It was as wildly fun and dumb as ever. Let's relive the...

Gourmet recipes written by 20-year-olds


Hey, 20-year-olds! Would you like to learn how to prepare filet mignon, sushi, or risotto? Well, you can't.

The return of Clarence BEEFTANK


In this episode, we are proud to bring you the return of Breaking Madden legend Clarence BEEFTANK. Our happy little man has gotten his weight down to 350 pounds, and he is here to blow the Oklahoma...

SPORTSLAW with Jon and Spencer


Jon Bois and Spencer Hall issued judgments upon your sports opinions. Either they were right and you were right, or they were right and you were wrong.

OutKast goes for 404 points in one game

Meet the new Atlanta Hawks. They are made up of Dominique Wilkins, Dikembe Mutombo, Andre 3000, Big Boi, and the rest of the Dungeon Family. And they are here to light up the scoreboard with the...

Blake Bortles is a donut in the middle of the Sun

What does "could stand to iron out his pedal" even mean? In keeping with NFL Draft dada-speak, Jon Bois and Spencer Hall offer their scouting reports for this year's top prospects.

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