Kirsten Schlewitz

Editor and League Manager, European Soccer

Kirsten Schlewitz specializes in Italian football, but can be found writing about almost any aspect of European football that takes her fancy. She's especially devoted to Premier League side Aston Villa and Serie A side Napoli, loves the Bundesliga in general, and tries to catch as many Montenegrin second-division games as possible. When not writing about football, Kirsten can be found wandering Balklandia, sipping coffee, or ranting on Twitter. Often in multiple languages.


Ronaldo denied his 50th international goal


The crossbar's a fan of Ghana, it seems

Belgium vs. South Korea: how to watch

Looking for a way to watch the Group H matchup between Belgium and South Korea? We've got you covered.

Russia vs. Algeria: a win puts either side through

A draw would put Algeria through, but only if South Korea don't win, so it's best if the Fennec Foxes press for a victory over Russia (whose own win would put them into the next round).

USA vs. Germany: 3 key matchups

A win for the U.S. puts them top of Group G, but a loss to Germany could send them out of the World Cup. Here's three key matchups to ponder prior to kickoff.

Manchester City complete Fernando signing

Manchester City have confirmed the 26-year-old's move from Porto, with the fee believed to be around £12m.

Ghana chaos continues, two players sacked

Chaos in the Ghana camp, which began with the team demanding unpaid wages, has culminated in two players being sent home - just hours before the Black Stars face off against Portugal.

Why are there multiple games on at the same time?

The last round of group stage play at the World Cup are played simultaneously, and you can blame the Germans and the Austrians for it.

Uruguay FA claims Suárez bite marks photoshopped

Suárez's lawyers are prepared to use "all the arguments possible" to prevent their client from receiving a lengthy ban for biting Giorgio Chiellini. Even if those arguments seem like a bit of a stretch.

Luis Suárez was never interested in 'redemption'

Redemption is the furthest thing from Luis Suárez's mind, because Luis Suárez thinks he's never done anything wrong.

The end of the line for Croatia

A 3-1 loss against Mexico doomed Croatia to a group stage exit in Brazil. What went wrong for this talented team?

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