Marc Normandin

Baseball Editor and Contributor

I got my start writing about baseball for an audience with the founding of Beyond the Box Score back in 2005, and have spent the subsequent years writing about the game for Baseball Prospectus, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated among others. I was also the video game editor at Blast Magazine for a few years; sadly, my experience seeing cosplay at gaming conventions won't help me as much here at SB Nation as we all wish it would. I'm currently co-managing SB Nation's Red Sox blog Over the Monster and writing for Sports on Earth, in addition to writing and editing for SB Nation's MLB hub.


Hamilton takes the worst swing you'll see all year

It's unimaginably bad.

The first-place Brewers are for real

The rest of the NL Central will know this soon enough.

Astros promote George Springer. Who is he?

Getting to know one of baseball's top prospects.

When homer-pimping goes wrong, Puig edition

Yasiel Puig got a little carried away with unnecessary homer pimpage.

Daily Puig: Leake homers, doubles, strikes out 8

Puig would be proud of Leake's rockets.

Rizzo takes batting practice with meatballs

As in the Italian food item.

Royals have 1 HR (and shouldn't even have that)

If you thought a single homer was sad, wait until we take it away.

Reds, Pirates combine for record 10 home runs

The Reds and the Pirates will have a chance at the MLB record for combined home runs in a single game when play resumes Tuesday.

Pirates adopt Daniel Bryan's 'YES!' chant

Now if only the Reds fans in attendance had countered with "NO!"

Orioles' ballgirl fields fair ball

She can't help her tremendous range, okay?

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