Michael Bird

College Football Contributor


'Game of Thrones' as college football

You like college football. You like Game of Thrones. That's all there is to it.

Why can't SEC hoops be like SEC football?

The nation's best conference in college sports' premier revenue-generator is far from the best at the No. 2 sport. How does that happen?

How the union could kill the NCAA's dumbest rule

You know how college athletes have to sit out a year when changing schools, and how that serves no one besides coaches hoping to deter players from leaving? A player union could kill that rule without even trying to.

The SEC recruiting invasion

Not content with recruiting from the country's most fertile region, SEC programs are getting better and better at pilfering recruits from outside of the Southeast.

The case for the Playoff committee

The NFL routinely rewards undeserving champions and gives playoff spots to inferior teams. College football's Playoff structure has a number of flaws, but the use of human judgment as opposed to impersonal rules isn't one of them.

The great team vs. the great story

If Florida State wins tonight, then we ask, "is this one of the best teams in recent college football history?" And if Auburn wins, then we ask, "is this one of the best stories in ... all of sports?"

If Ohio State can be jumped, so can Auburn

Should a one-loss SEC champion be able to jump an undefeated Big Ten champion in the rankings? Maybe, but not if that SEC champion is 2013 Auburn or 2013 Missouri. And if these SEC teams can jump Ohio State, they can also be jumped themselves.

Georgia-Auburn rivalry worth saving

No, it's not time to stop talking about what will likely be remembered as the best game of 2013. Except for Georgia fans. We're sorry, Georgia fans.

Legacy, logic or laziness?

Alabama holds almost every first-place vote over Florida State, just as it did over Oregon. That's because Alabama started the season No. 1 after winning the national championship last year. But is there any way that's actually fair?

Michigan State's march toward Ohio State

Michigan State can take control of the Legends Division with a win on Saturday, and that's good for the Buckeyes' national championship ambitions.

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