Mike Rutherford

College Basketball Editor

Mike Rutherford is the college basketball editor for SBNation.com as well as the manager of CardChronicle.com. He lives in Louisville, KY where he's still best known for a runner-up performance in the 1997 city spelling bee. Mike likes most things, but not exclamation points. He hates exclamation points.


College basketball's Czar of Bizarre

The 2012 National Coach of the Year who hasn't won a game in the NCAA Tournament since 2008 just left Missouri for Tulsa. Such is the life of college hoops' most unpredictable head coach.

Ranking all 67 games of the 2014 NCAA Tournament

Talking about a season that starts in seven months is cool and all, but the grand finale to 2013-14 that we all just experienced was so fulfilling that I think it deserves one final look.

Your super early top 25 for 2014-15

There are a ridiculous amount of things that need to happen before we can realistically start looking at the 2014-15 season, but let's not let that fact be the thing that stands in our way.

The beautiful insanity of this past hoops season

For five months, we were all wrong about everything. So why did anyone expect the season's last three days to be anything different?

10 things to know about the NCAA title game

Regardless of who wins Monday night, history will be made. What kind of history? Time to educate yourselves.

10 things you should know about the Final Four

We've reached the beginning of the end of the 2013-14 college basketball season. Here are 10 things you should know about the last four teams and three games.

The mystery of this season's Kentucky team

A team that didn't make the 2013 NCAA Tournament began the 2013-14 season ranked No. 1, and five months later the world still has no idea whether or not that was justified.

PRESENTED BY 616534576_491957700_applebees_sbn_stb

The best and worst of the tournament so far

There are just three games left to play in the 2013-14 college basketball season, and that should make you sad. To make you happier, let's look at how fun the 64 we just experienced were.

The best and worst of Sweet 16 Thursday

It wasn't exactly the action-packed Thursday we were all imagining during that miserable three-day stretch without basketball, but that's cool, we'll try again.

Sweet 16 by the numbers

The Madness is back. Thank you, God Shammgod.

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