Patricia Nell Warren



Did Caster Semenya Intentionally Lose The 800 Meter Final To Mariya Savinova?

Semenya's failed kick in the final 200 meters fell short of Mariya Savinova, prompting questions about her late-charge strategy.

Caster Semenya Gender Controversy Brings Back Images Of Babe Didrikson

The Babe had to dodge gender questions in the 1932 Games when she showed up with her 'masculine' look

Charlotte Dujardin Wins Dressage Gold, Britain's Carl Hester Celebrates

The United States fails to win an equestrian medal for the first Olympics in 60 years

No U.S. Medal For Equestrian Jumping, But Lots Of 'Sissy' And 'Elite' Namecalling


If the media is to expect more American Olympic medals, they need to stop deriding equestrian sports

Ann Romney, Rafalca And U.S. Equestrian Miss In Dressage As Hester And Brits Score Gold

Americans continue to struggle in dressage, as the Brits get their first big team gold.

Pia Sundhage, Like Most Gay And Lesbian Coaches, Doesn't Get Enough Credit


Sundhage is the brains behind the brawn, and like so many soccer coaches she gets short shrift

John Leonard's Public Doping Accusations Of Ye Shiwen Should Cost Him His Job

Leonard's public accusations of the Chinese swimmer are rooted in history that goes back to the 1950s and the Soviet Union.

Ann Romney's Horse Rafalca Squeaks Into Next Round Of Dressage

Rafalca is 30th after the first round, barely surviving the cuts. The two gay riders, Hester and Gal, are positioned for runs at a medal.

Ann Romney Horse Rafalca Stumbles In Dressage, Gay Rider Carl Hester In First

Jan Ebeling and Rafalca are 13th, and Britain's Hester shines brightest, on Day 1

Gore Vidal, Lover Of Athletes And Ancient Greece, Dies At 82

Author Gore Vidal died today in the Hollywood Hills at 82. That he died during the London Olympics ought to be noted.

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