Paul Flannery

NBA Columnist

Paul Flannery writes about the NBA for and teaches journalism at Boston University. He lives in Cambridge, hates to drive and is probably waiting for the Green Line.


LeBron's cramps are no joke

From his teammates to his rivals, no one is criticizing LeBron James for leaving Game 1 of the NBA Finals with debilitating leg cramps. If that's good enough for them it should be good enough for us.


An insane game overshadowed by faulty A/C

The Spurs' impressive Game 1 victory was overshadowed by a faulty cooling system that forced LeBron James out of the game during crunch time. Let's all try to react rationally.

Tim Duncan is the NBA's timeless superstar

No matter what happens in the Finals, Tim Duncan's legacy is secure. His game is both timeless and immortal, which makes placing Duncan in a proper historical context all the more challenging.


Paul George is getting there

In four short years, Paul George has been underrated and overrated, too good to be true and a tabloid distraction. As the Pacers try to save their season from public shame, George is once again...

Inside the madness in Memphis


Surprise front office firings, an owner challenging players to games of one-on-one and a coach who comes back after never going away: It's the Memphis Grizzlies! This calls for a deep dive on the...


Scott Brooks isn't as bad as his critics suggest

The Oklahoma City coach is often accused of holding back his superstar-laden team. But with the Thunder two wins away from the Finals, perhaps we should praise Scott Brooks for fostering an...

Going in-depth with the 2014 NBA Draft class


Who will be the top pick in the draft? Who stands out among the next tier of prospects? What about the international players? It's time to get serious with Draft Express' Jonathan Givony on this...

Cavs aren't the lottery's only winner


Life isn't fair, and neither is the draft lottery. The Cleveland Cavaliers were the big winners, but who else fared well with the fickle hand of fate?


Miami's quiet quest

Unlike years past, the Miami Heat have stayed out of the spotlight and away from controversy. As the conference finals approach, they seem more relaxed and at ease with their championship quest.


Dante Exum, the NBA Draft's biggest mystery

The Australian guard didn't participate at the combine, but he was still the biggest draw. So who is he?

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