Rob Neyer

National Baseball Editor

Rob Neyer began his career with legendary baseball author Bill James, and later worked for STATS, Inc. and ESPN.com, writing more words for that website than anyone else. Rob has written or co-written six baseball books, including Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Legends. Growing up in Kansas City, Rob's favorite teams were the Royals, the Minnesota Vikings and the long-lost Kansas City Kings. These days, he spends his winters staying warm and rooting for the Jayhawks.


Don't worry: Humanity's fine!


The future is scary! But the future doesn't happen quickly, especially in baseball. So don't worry, fans of people and haters of robots; Big Data's not taking over the game anytime soon.

Yeah, I'm a big-game pitcher. What about it?


Is Roy Oswalt really the greatest Big Game Pitcher of the last half-century or so? Bill James thinks he is.

The next great baseball movie?

Yeah, maybe. What we learned from Moneyball: The Movie is that a great story, however unfilmable it might seem, can be turned into a great movie in the right creative hands. Well, people have been...

Yeah, maybe that wasn't a great idea


Last year, Danny Espinosa played 32 games when he obviously shouldn't have been playing. Well, it's obvious in retrospect. Still, there's a good lesson in there somewhere.

Nope, the Red Sox haven't become the Yankees


Remember when we started saying the Red Sox were becoming just like the Yankees? We were wrong. The Red Sox are still smart and (relatively) lean, while the Yankees are still ... well, not dumb....

Finally, a Greg Maddux controversy!


Thursday the Hall of Fame announced the logos associated with the 2014 class of Hall of Famers, and to the surprise of many, Greg Maddux won't be a Brave. Or anything else. Should we be outraged?...

Looking for Big Games


Jon Lester hasn't been around for long, but he's pitched in a lot of big games ... and that's not even including October. Bill James has come up with a way of defining Big (regular-season) Games,...

We're talking about baseball in Portland again?

I don't know. This seems to come up every few months, so maybe it means something. But I'm on the ground here in Portland, and I just don't see any good reason to get excited about Major League...

When cheating's the culture


Can the latest U.S. Air Force scandal teach us anything about the Steroids Era? Maybe.

Japanese players in MLB (in less than 2 minutes!)

MLB Productions has put together this delightful montage of Japanese players in the majors, beginning with some little-seen footage of Masanori Murakami, the first (and for many years only)...

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