Ryan Rosenblatt

North American Soccer Editor

When not posting about adoracute animals posing with soccer balls, or flying about the country taking in USMNT matches, Ryan Rosenblatt deigns to cover MLS matches for SB Nation Soccer. The lollipop of Soccer, Rosenblatt's got a flavor that will appease anyone: coverage of the US national team? You got it. Stepping in to write about the Eredivisie? I bet you can't even spell the Dutch League correctly. Mocking Arsenal fans? It might not show up on the front page, but it's almost certain there's a running dialogue in this Spurs' supporter's head. Rosey is also silly enough to be a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but that shouldn't make you take his soccer writing any less seriously.


Benfica top Juve in first leg of Europa semi

Benfica got the win they needed, setting the stage for a great second leg.

Sheffield Wednesday fans sing for ailing fan

Sheffield Wednesday fans united behind one of their own, singing for an ailing fan who may have been attending his last match.

Spain's World Cup song with Xavi, Casillas, Costa

Spain thought it would be a good idea to have a World Cup song. It was not a good idea.

FCD wore away kit because red, gray are same color

Everyone confuses red and gray. Everyone.

World Cup teams have some strange demands

How can you win a World Cup with bar soap and no jacuzzis? YOU CAN'T.

What MLS will look like in new Atlanta stadium

Atlanta will have a false roof that preserves the skyline view.

Watch Ademilson score a crazy bicycle kick

Ademilson had no business trying to score from where he was, but he did and it worked.

Cruz Azul win CONCACAF Champions League

Mariano Pavone's away goal put Cruz Azul on top of the region.

Fan completes Moyes butt tattoo

Important #butt tattoo update.

Cruz Azul vs. Toluca for the CONCACAF title

The CONCACAF title is on the line.

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