Ryan Rosenblatt

North American Soccer Editor

When not posting about adoracute animals posing with soccer balls, or flying about the country taking in USMNT matches, Ryan Rosenblatt deigns to cover MLS matches for SB Nation Soccer. The lollipop of Soccer, Rosenblatt's got a flavor that will appease anyone: coverage of the US national team? You got it. Stepping in to write about the Eredivisie? I bet you can't even spell the Dutch League correctly. Mocking Arsenal fans? It might not show up on the front page, but it's almost certain there's a running dialogue in this Spurs' supporter's head. Rosey is also silly enough to be a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but that shouldn't make you take his soccer writing any less seriously.


Pirlo the god

Andrea Pirlo scores great free kicks. It's his thing, like the one he scored against Lyon.

Man Utd.-Real Madrid sells out Big House in 1 day

Join the caravan, we're going to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Takes 18 secs to do a Rubik's Cube during a match

Instead of watching a match, a guy did a Rubik's Cube in 18 seconds.

Atletico Madrid vs. Barcelona in one gif

Who needs to watch soccer when you can watch a gif?

Mario Mandzukic brings Bayern Munich level

We're all level in Munich.

Atletico fans put on unreal tifo

Atletico's fans brought it for one of the biggest matches in club history.

Just your average 35-yard goal on a bullet

Emyr Huws hit an absolute bullet from 35 yards for an amazing goal.

The Mourinho and Zlatan bromance continues

Zlatan Ibrahimovic interuppted Jose Mourinho's post-match interview. It was adorable.

Give up goal, kick ball off teammate's face

Give up a goal, kick the ball off of a teammate's face. Obviously.

Jose Mourinho is faster than Usain Bolt

Jose Mourinho sprinted down the sideline at Stamford Bridge after a goal. We have moving pictures of it.

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