Samuel Chi

College Football Contributor

Samuel Chi is a college football analyst and proprietor of He is also a senior editor at RealClearPolitics and managing editor of RealClearSports. Sam previously covered the NFL and college football for the San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times and Pasadena Star-News. His work has appeared in, Sports Illustrated, Philadelphia Daily News, Denver Post, among numerous print publications.


Buckeyes charge up simulated BCS standings

Official BCS rankings won't be released for another few weeks, but putting together the formula's components on our own tell us the Buckeyes are in good shape for now.

Bama in the clear now?

Alabama fans can't book their trip to Pasadena just yet. But have a travel agent on standby.

Is Michigan the 2013 Notre Dame?

Though the BCS won't officially release standings until later in the college football season, we know what they'd look like if they came out right now. Don't worry about the Tide. But do keep an...

SEC in early trouble?

We're not saying the SEC definitely won't win its eighth national championship in a row. We're just saying you should know it's looking like a possibility.

Clemson to No. 3 in simmed BCS standings

There are no official BCS rankings for the 2013 college football season yet, but we know how the standings would look if they were released.

FCS uprising

After eight wins by FCS teams over FBS teams so far this weekend, is it even worth it to play lower-subdivision teams anymore?

BCS ruined opening weekends?

We're fired up about college football, but the opening weekend's schedule is not good enough.

Ducks over Bucks in simulated BCS rankings

There won't be official 2013 BCS standings until midway through the college football season. But we know enough to know the computers like Oregon, Texas A&M, and Notre Dame (and don't like Ohio...

Irish independence strikes gold

It's a very, very good time to be Notre Dame, on the field and off.

Time to break Pac-12's bowl slump

A couple of BCS bowl wins would shore up the Pac-12's bowl reputation in a hurry, not to mention affirm the conference is in very good hands during USC's recovery.

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