Samuel Chi

College Football Contributor

Samuel Chi is a college football analyst and proprietor of He is also a senior editor at RealClearPolitics and managing editor of RealClearSports. Sam previously covered the NFL and college football for the San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times and Pasadena Star-News. His work has appeared in, Sports Illustrated, Philadelphia Daily News, Denver Post, among numerous print publications.


Where will TV take realignment?

With 2013 setting up to be another critical year of conference reshuffling, here's a look at where we stand as far as what matters most to the people in charge: conference TV deals.

Which way for Boise State?

Depending on which way the Broncos go, college conference realignment could be almost done for now or just getting started.

Realignment crystal ball


Who's playing in which conference in 2015? Everyone.

Building a 16-team playoff

College football doesn't have a playoff yet, and the one we'll get will (at first) just be a four-team tournament bolted onto the BCS. Let's scrap the whole thing in favor of a 16-team field. We...

Alabama, NIU: Thanks, Ohio State!

Four of five BCS bowls, including the national championship, likely would feature different teams if not for one mistake by Ohio State last year.

Deal with it

For the first time ever, a MAC team has made the BCS. And now we're all super mad about it! But should we be?

So close

Alabama and Notre Dame are assured of their BCS National Championship spots, but can Northern Illinois knock out Oklahoma?

You call that a BCS buster?

We just about know the entire BCS bowl picture, with two big questions: will Boise State or the MAC champion end up ranking high enough to land a BCS spot, and can Kansas State hold off Oklahoma?

Florida rests BCS case


The November 25th edition of the 2012 BCS standings will be released shortly after 8:30 p.m. ET (check back right here for the full rankings), but we have a very good idea of where everyone will...

Bama gets BCS free pass

One week later, Alabama's home loss to Texas A&M practically doesn't exist, at least in terms of the BCS standings and the national championship race. How'd that happen?

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