Sebastian Pruiti

NBA Contributor

Sebastian Pruiti is the founder and editor of, a blog started in January 2010 that takes a look at the Xs and Os of the NBA. In addition to, Sebastian is a contributor to Basketball Prospectus and The Basketball Jones, and is the Editor Emeritus of NetsAreScorching. Before getting into blogging Sebastian spent a year as a volunteer assistant for the Division 1 Men's Basketball team, New Jersey Institute of Technology. He loves to look at the Xs and Os of the game and break the little things down.


Heat Vs. Mavericks, Game 5 Adjustments: Look For The Roll Man Late, Go Back To Trapping Ball Screens

In Game 6 against the Dallas Mavericks, the Miami Heat should hit the roll man in pick and roll situations and trap guards off the screen.

Heat Vs. Mavericks, Game 5 Adjustments: Run Meaningful Offense Late, Figure Out The Staggered Ball Screens

Two key adjustments could help the Miami Heat knock off the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Heat Vs. Mavericks, Game 4 Adjustments: Stop Forcing Transition, Don't Double Wing Posts

To win Game 4, the Dallas Mavericks must be patient on offense against the Miami Heat's great halfcourt defense and mix up their defense on post-up plays by the Heat.

Heat Vs. Mavericks, Game 2 Adjustments: Continue Pick-And-Pop Towards Sideline, Put Dirk Nowitzki On Chris Bosh

To beat the Miami Heat in Game 2, the Dallas Mavericks need to run more sideline pick-and-pop action and use Dirk Nowitzki to defend Chris Bosh.

Mavericks Vs. Heat: Breaking Down Offensive Sets For Both 2011 NBA Finals Teams

What can we expect to see from the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat on offense during the 2011 NBA Finals? We break down their favorite sets and out-of-bounds plays.

Heat Vs. Bulls, Game 5 Adjustments: Work Derrick Rose Towards The Middle, Defend Baseline Inbound Sets Better

To win Game 5 and extend the series, the Chicago Bulls need to get Derrick Rose moving off the ball in the middle of the court and also defend the Miami Heat's baseline out of bounds plays better.

Mavericks Vs. Thunder, Game 5 Adjustments: Run Pick-And-Pop To Score, Don't Hedge Off Of Dirk Nowitzki

The Thunder ought to play for the score versus the mismatch on the pick-and-pop, and can't hedge off of Dirk Nowitzki if they want to beat the Mavericks in Game 5.

Heat Vs. Bulls, Game 4 Adjustments: More (And Smarter) Isolations For Derrick Rose, Stick With Reverse Box-And-One

The Bulls should lean on an effective defense Tom Thibodeau debuted in the second half of Game 3 to stop the Heat in Game 4.

Mavericks Vs. Thunder, Game 4 Adjustments: More Movement, Don't Hedge Off Of Dirk Nowitzki

To come back and win Game 4 against the Mavericks, the Thunder need to pick up their movement in the halfcourt.

Mavericks Vs. Thunder, Game 3 Adjustments: Barea Needs To Be More Aggressive On PNRs, Defend Kevin Durant Ball Screens Better

Despite the fact that everyone seems to be talking about Russell Westbrook and his benching, the Dallas Mavericks were the team that ended up losing both game two and the homecourt advantage in the...

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