Spencer Hall

Featured Contributor

Spencer Hall is the editor of EDSBS.com and a contributor to SBNation.com. He focuses on college football and participatory pieces involving trying new sports. He does not excel in the latter and is trying really hard in the former. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with a big dog and a gun.


How to properly vomit in a race plane

What happens when a sports writer drinks a cup of coffee and mans the passenger seat of a competition race plane? Spencer Hall found out during his flight with race pilot Kirby Chambliss.

Arian Foster is right: Caillou is awful

Caillou -- one of the worst creations spawned by man -- has made a mortal enemy in Arian Foster. Now, the Texans running back is looking to rally against this despicable, hairless child.

The NFL hates fun, doesn't understand humans

The NFL is banning dunking a football over the goalpost. In the NFL, football is a distraction, excitement is a danger, and eventually humans can be eliminated from the equation entirely.

NCAA schools that may or may not be real

The SB Nation staff believes almost any school seems like a believable 16-seed in the NCAA Tournament. Even the fake ones.

Behind the stick of the SR-71

Spencer Hall interviews former SR-71 Blackbird pilot Rick McCrary about what it's like to fly the world's fastest plane. Spoiler: It's terrifying.

Slow football, like the kind mom made

The NCAA Rules Committee's proposed speed limit on hurry-up offenses isn't done for. It'll be back on the table next year, but without needing to lie about being a safety rule. So how will slow-down coaches try to sell it in 2015?


Wednesday, seven of SB Nation's college football staffers held COACH DRAFT with three of the coaching experts from FootballScoop. Spencer Hall and Celebrity Hot Tub of SB Nation and Every Day Should Be Saturday assembled to judge all 10 staffs.

Judges Jon and Spencer field your sports questions

Prepare to be judged for your sports opinions, and possibly sent to SPORTSJAIL.

Wolf or not wolf? The experts weigh in

Wolf-ish? Yes. Wolf? Likely not, say the experts.

You'll never be a secret Scandinavian

Cross country skiing is like most sports in the Olympics, and creating your own alternate history: It's a thing you can't do, but still want to very badly.

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