Spencer Hall

Featured Contributor

Spencer Hall is the editor of EDSBS.com and a contributor to SBNation.com. He focuses on college football and participatory pieces involving trying new sports. He does not excel in the latter and is trying really hard in the former. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia with a big dog and a gun.


Rio World Cup prep, chapter four: Arnold goes to Rio


We're sure this is EXACTLY what Rio is going to look like, even thirty years later and without a completely uncouth Arnold Schwarzenegger driving shirtless in a dune buggy.

Mario Kart time trials: a real thing


It took me until the release of Mario Kart 8 to realize competitive time-trialing was a real thing-- like, enough of a thing to merit a Wiki entry on the depth of real, live tactics for it. That clip is not from a time trial, but is a reminder that Luigi leads the game in sheer cold killing rage.

How long could you make it as an NFL coach?

You wake up in the body of a man trying to survive the rigors of an NFL season. How long do you make it?

Notes on Kanye West's wedding/NFL audition


Kanye would be an amazing NFL owner, and his wedding planning skills and management prove it

Imagine, a sane thing about Johnny Manziel


I'm a 26-year-old professional, and I promise you that the whole pool knew I was having a great time. If I could go back tomorrow, I would. I'll have to wait until July instead.

This is the first sane thing written about Johnny Manziel in the history of mainstream sports journalism. It is also set in a poolside concert by Kendrick Lamar, which seems like the least exciting and oddest place to see a Kendrick Lamar concert. The best place to see a Kendrick Lamar concert? In a club in London, of course.

An important note on video gaming


If you're SHAUN gonna release a SHAUUNNNN great video game like Ubisoft SHAUUUUUN does every few years, make sure you SHAUUUUUUN make the viewer feel comfortable with a few glitches to SHAAUUUUUNNNNN let them know that even great artists and engineers are human. (via @claesbell) P.S. SHAAUUUUUUNNNNNN

The Pacers are the NBA's bworst team

The self-destructing Pacers are the best worst team in the NBA, a team so unhappy they'll suck you in for a night of hatewatching their absolute disgust for each other.

CM Punk may actually be punk


But it’s a testament to his strength of character that he simply walked away instead of just crafting shoddy work and cashing checks.

This Martin Douglas piece on CM Punk makes the case that CM Punk is, well, actually pretty punk in terms of how he got into wrestling in the first place, and why he's been missing for four months. (Which may not just be about a contract dispute.)

It's a family car (from hell)


The 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat's engine note sounds like what we imagine time ripping sounds like, but can a Challenger take a car seat? Wait: you're saying it can? You're saying it's a family car, for a family man, and it's in my driveway and all my money is gone and it has blown out the windows in my house and it was worth it. It was all TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Adam Muema's story gets weird(er)


Saw you weren't at pro day. Want to meet up somewhere for lunch and chat? A few minutes later, he wrote back. I'm watching you just can't see me.

Kevin Van Valkenberg tried to track down former San Diego State University running back Adam Muema after he missed the NFL combine and began posting strange religious messages online. It starts with the bizarre, and only gets weirder from there.
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