Steven Godfrey

Senior Reporter

Steven Godfrey is a senior reporter for SB Nation based in Nashville, Tennessee. A graduate of the University of Mississippi and a long suffering Atlanta sports fan, he can be reached on Twitter @38Godfrey.


5 things the SEC wants you to know

By virtue of being good at playing college football, the SEC's also granted itself the chance to set the tone for the sport's national discourse every summer. Here are five things we'll all end up talking about until next year.

Watching futbol in football country is the best

Steven Godfrey watched Sunday's US Men's National Team match at a bar in Nashville, and found fans caught up in World Cup fever in the middle of S-E-C Country.

Stupid questions about NCAA food rules

You have serious questions about the NCAA's new rules on the feeding of college players. So we contacted a university compliance officer in one of America's tastiest cities. We did not ask any of your serious questions.

Why pro wrestling needs to embrace a season format

There's big money in wrestling, but the non-stop schedule leaves the participants with no time to heal. Often they have to work through pain or worse without an offseason, but pro wrestling won't embrace a seasonal format.

Still comin' to your city

That Big & Rich music video you say you can't stand, but still watch on ESPN every fall Saturday? It has to be recorded somewhere. That somewhere is Tennessee in May.

Pasta and homelessness: NCAA compliance explained

Oklahoma compliance's executive director, Jason Leonard, helps explain how schools can and can't help players in need of assistance. Speaking of Oklahoma, anyone up for pasta?

WrestleMania 30's 5 best moments

Was WrestleMania 30 one of WWE's best booked pay-per-views in history? Here's a look at the five best moments from an almost perfect "biggest night of the year."

The basketball economy of Kentucky

Kentucky and Louisville descended on downtown Indianapolis for a Sweet 16 matchup with more than basketball at stake.

How pro wrestling handles gay storylines


Steven Godfrey worked in professional wrestling for five years. Now he works at SB Nation. These are his stories.

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