Steven Goldman

Baseball Editor

Steven Goldman is the MLB Editor for, and founder of SB Nation's Yankees site Pinstriped Bible. Steve is also the author of Forging Genius: The Making of Casey Stengel; and editor and co-author of Mind Game, It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over, and Extra Innings.


Masahiro Tanaka undergoes MRI; Yankees doomed

The free-agent ace, slammed in his last start, returned to New York to have his pitching arm scanned after complaining of elbow soreness. He's already been placed on the disabled list.

Ruth's hug means almost as much as Gehrig's speech


At the time, a hug between two greats of the game loomed almost as large as Gehrig's words -- and maybe it still should.

A's-Cubs trade breakdown

Billy Beane rolls the dice, the Cubs add a possible centerpiece, and both boldly jump ahead of the annual in-season trade market.


Sabathia possibly out for year with knee injury

CC Sabathia won't have his knee checked out by Dr. James Andrews for another 10 days, but manager Joe Girardi conceded that he might be gone.

Yankees the most tedious team money could buy

Roughly $200 million to old-timers out, Masahiro Tanaka and a .500 team back in -- except they're not a .500 team.

Teddy Roosevelt, 156-year-old ex-prez, soccer fan

"I have already lived and enjoyed as much of life as any nine other men I know. I have had my full share, and if it is necessary for me to leave my remains in South America, I am quite ready to do so. Go team!"


Houston Astros issue statement on data leak

The Astros were hacked, spilling supposed internal trade discussions across the Internet. Now the team answers back.


Lincecum no-hitter -- it's not how good you were

You can't recapture past glories, but you can make new ones at any stage of your career.

Bring back Tony Gwynn & the lost greats of the 80s

A remembrance of the past, a wish not to go back but to be back, and for others to be back as well. Also the only post where you'll see Pascual Perez compared to a character from Shakespeare.

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