Wendy Thurm


Wendy wrote most of the prose and poetry in her high school yearbook. Some of it had to do with baseball. She then embarked on a twenty-five year odyssey that had nothing to do with baseball, if you don't count the thousands of games she attended, watched, listened to and obsessed about. In February 2011, Wendy created, a blog with baseball analysis, commentary, humor and poetry. Lots of folks like you read the blog and liked it, which was really great. Wendy's been writing features for Baseball Nation since September 2011 and is delighted to join the staff as a contributor. She is also a contributor to FanGraphs.


What we learned about baseball this season


A lot of things have happened in 2012, and we've got the things that shouldn't be soon forgotten.

Why isn't anyone talking about the White Sox?


The White Sox haven't been a sexy story like the A's or the Orioles. But they are poised to win the American League Central and will be a force to be reckoned with in the postseason.

Nats Should Use Strasburg In The Postseason ... As A Pinch Hitter


Stephen Strasburg won't pitch again for the Nationals this season. But he could contribute to the Nationals' postseason in another way.

Does Marlins Ballpark Suppress Home Runs After All?


There was a lot of early-season handwringing over the spacious outfield at the new Marlins Ballpark. With the season nearly over, we look at the results.

Fun With Day-Game Stats


The author is asked a question on Twitter about a team's record in day games. And that sends her down a rabbit hole. The result is this post chock full of information about day games dating back to 2008.

The Definitive Plan for Breaking A 3-Way Tie For A Wild Card Spot


Five AL teams and four NL teams are vying for two wild card spots in each league. Major League Baseball has no plan for resolving a three-team tie, a possibility that grows stronger every day. So we've created the ultimate tie-breaking plan.

Ten Years Later: The A's 20-Game Winning Streak, Scott Hatteberg, And Moneyball


The Oakland A's celebrated the tenth anniversary of their 20-game winning streak on Saturday night. We look back at The Streak and how it inspired Moneyball, the book and the movie.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Ownage


Fans of every team have the one or two players they fear. The ones who always seem to come up in big situations and get a big hit to send their team to defeat. We often refer to it as "ownage." We investigate whether it really exists.

On Pittsburgh And The Pirates' Resurgence


Pittsburgh was a city down on its luck but has transformed itself for the 21st Century. Now it's time to let the Pirates have their day in the sun.

Mobile, Alabama: Birthplace of Hall of Famers


The Gulf Coast city of Mobile, Alabama has a rich baseball history dating to the 1880s. Perhaps it's not a surprise, then, that five ballplayers in the Baseball Hall of Fame were born in Mobile, more than any city other than New York and Los Angeles.

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