Baseball Longreads

The best of SB Nation's long-form baseball writing.

It's Hotels and Whiskey and Sad-Luck Dames


With help from -MBP and all of you, it's one man's remembrance of Ryan Freel

Eulogizing A.J. Pierzynski


Baseball's most-hated player used his powers of evil for good for most of his White Sox career, making an indelible stamp on the franchise in the process.

The Aftermath of Trevor: A Short Story.


The consequences of the Bauer trade may run deeper than we will ever know....

Need an outfielder? GOOD LUCK.


Last week, the ever-stealthy Angels came out of nowhere to sign Josh Hamilton to a five-year deal, ensuring that they would be removing someone from their cluttered outfield and designated hitter...

Dodgers Dough Doesn’t Stack Up to Yankee Dollar


A look at how the Dodgers' payroll compares to Yankees' spending of the past, based on adjusted figures and various relative metrics.

Marlins Stanton Situation Mirrors Cabrera Scenario

The Miami Marlins and Giancarlo Stanton seem to be heading to an inevitable trade situation in a few years' time. In many ways, this mirrors the situation with the team and Miguel Cabrera in 2006...

Dayton Moore's Big Book of IFs


The trade is done, now what?

Royals-Rays: The Internet Responds


I thought it could happen. The rumors were out there. GOOD rumors. I knew it could happen. I believed GMDM was capable of something like this. And then it DID. Here's what the world said...

One of these goofy-looking men invented shortstop


Before the American Association Browns, the National League Perfectos, and the Cardinals we know today, there was another St. Louis baseball club. Their manager? Dickey Pearce, one of baseball's...

How To Fix The Hall Of Fame


Beyond the PED/steroid Hall debates, the current system for voting for Hall induction is almost irretrievably broken. Here's a simple way to correct that.

The Lonesome Memory of Hank Blalock


Hank Joe Blalock, the 2003 Texas Rangers' infield, and an exploration of what it is to be a sports fan.

Who Had the Finest Season in Cardinals History?


Last week, the Cardinals official Twitter feed posed an interesting "Question of Week": Which season is the finest in Cardinals franchise history? Using bWAR as a frame, we attempt to answer it.

Stop using K/BB!


Using K/BB isn't quite as effective as using a measure such and K%-BB%. Let's find out why.

Czech Yourself: RR Interviews Joey Kamide


RR takes an in-depth look at baseball in Europe in this interview with Joey Kamide, head coach of Tempo Titans Praha.

Boycott the Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins' latest fire sale trade has angered the fans, but owner Jeffrey Loria will not care as long as it does not affect his bottom line. But Marlins fans should still do their best to...

Wait, why was this Mike Trout thing about stats?


If you're confused, you're not alone.

Marlins Jeffrey Loria At Center of Team's Problems

The Miami Marlins have a long way to go towards contention following their fire sale trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. At the center of this due to this trade is Jeffrey Loria and his front office,...

Did Albert Pujols forget how to walk?


Albert Pujols seems to have lost control of the strike zone, and that's not normal for a hitter his age, or with his track record.

Trade Analysis On Marlins / Blue Jays Blockbuster

The Miami Marlins performed perhaps their biggest single trade in the team's checkered fire sale history. How much value did the team trade away, and how much did they get in return, when you set...

Where does Mike Napoli go?


This offseason, teams are looking at Napoli the same way: Is he a catcher, a first baseman, a designated hitter, or all three? And where does he fit?

Dirk Hayhurst: Sabermetric Broadcaster?


We interviewed author, analyst and retired pitcher Dirk Hayhurst -- discussing sabermetrics in broadcasting among other topics which may or may not include Dungeons & Dragons and pro wrestling.




Simulated Trade Talks: Profar-d'Arnaud rumors


Spencer and Blake face off in an Ultimate Showdown of hypothetical trade negotiation!

Baseball's design

With apologies to Bart Giamatti.

MLB Top 10 Most Strikeouts With The Least Power


Swinging big and trading off strikeouts for power dates back as far as Babe Ruth, but not everyone who whiffs a lot generates enough power to offset the strikeouts. Let's look at the worst...

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