Notre Dame vs. Alabama

Roll Tide! Reasons Northwestern fans want Bama

I realize that I don't like Notre Dame. Why don't Northwestern fans like Notre Dame? I try to answer why, as I prepare to root for Alabama in the national championship game.

Gameday central

Hey, there's an important football game today.

Play BCS bingo with us

Drinking games are for college freshmen. Class it up with us by enjoying a round of Monday night bingo with Brent Musburger, Kirk Herbstreit and the freaking Zac Brown Band.

Two big questions

The wait is over. Alabama and Notre Dame kick off at 8:30(ish) p.m. ET on ESPN.'s Bill Connelly and's Mike Nixon preview.

How Notre Dame's roster was built

15 of Notre Dame's 22 starters were recruited by Charlie Weis. But thanks to better coaching, and an emphasis on defensive recruiting, Irish head coach Brian Kelly has Notre Dame playing for the national title.



Alabama's running game can be stopped, Gary

After answering "is he really this dumb?" in the negative, we try to grapple with why Gary keeps taking jibes at an ascendant offensive approach.

Spilly's BCS meal

Spilly is here to help with your BCS Championship Game party planning. If you're desperate, we've got you covered.

Prepare for BCS Deja Vu

Did you like last year's BCS National Championship Game? I hope you did, because you're about to see it again.

Echoes humbly awake

SB Nation's BCS National Championship correspondent, Ty Hildenbrandt of the Solid Verbal college football podcast, returns with a look inside the revised psyche of the Notre Dame fan.


Video: Urban Meyer at the BCS Championship Game

Urban Meyer and Cotton Bowl champion Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin join Fowler and Herbstreit from Miami.


Putting South Bend On The Map

No, I am not talking about what might happen should Notre Dame win the BCS Title game. I am talking about the prevailing theme from the Irish faithful that this game represents a contrast in Urbane...


The F-bomb preview

SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein speaks with Sarah Smith, aka the Texas F-Bomb Girl, in Miami ahead of the national championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama. Position groups are broken down on a scale of 1-10... well, you'll see.

Irish independence strikes gold

It's a very, very good time to be Notre Dame, on the field and off.

14 vs. 11: The national title count

The tradition-rich programs at Notre Dame and Alabama have been good for long periods of time, and they both claim to have won double-digit national championships.

BCS National Championship Game: Cast of Characters

As we count down the hours toward the BCS National Championship Game, we take a look at the players and coaches who could decide who carries home the crystal football

2012 Season Reflection & Appreciation Open Thread

Stop by and share your thoughts about the 2012 season as we anxiously await tonight's title game.

BCS National Championship viewing info

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish meet the Alabama Crimson Tide in a matchup of two storied football programs fighting for the BCS National Championship.

Alabama-Notre Dame NFL Draft watch notes

It should be no surprise the BCS National Championship game features several top-rated players for the 2013 NFL Draft.



Breaking Down N.D.: Quarterbacks and Running Backs

In the final part of our series breaking down each unit of the Fighting Irish ahead of the BCS national championship game, we take a look today at the Notre Dame quarterbacks and running backs.

Bama-Notre Dame by Shutdown Fullback

The world's first and only college football show becomes (for now) the last college football show. This is it. Raise a big fuss if you'd like to see this sort of thing continue! As in, PICKET YOUR ALDERMAN.

Joe Theismann: Lord of Miami

SB Nation's BCS National Championship correspondent, Ty Hildenbrandt of the Solid Verbal college football podcast, returns with another dispatch from Miami.

Title game prop bets time

The BCS title game point spread stretched to 10 points Friday, but it was Alabama vs Notre Dame prop betting odds that were attracting the most attention as sportsbooks added lines before the big game.

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