BCS Standings 2011

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Lions star gets tough with kids at training camp


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

BCS Rankings Projections, Week 15: Cancel The Rematch

Every game counts? It would appear so, if the final regular season BCS standings line up the way we've projected. We'll see when the real deal comes out at 8:15 p.m. ET, but it looks like Oklahoma...

BCS Standings And Bowl Projections, Week 14: Shouldn't 2012 Be More Like 1984?

The <a href="http://goo.gl/zD5fk" >latest BCS standings</a> lead us one more step down the same rematch path, stirring up fondness for the chaos of yesteryear.

BCS Rankings Projections, Week 14: Who Can Stop An All-SEC Rematch?

Only one team stands in the way of a SEC title game rematch, while Michigan, Houston, and even Baylor are battling for the last BCS bowl bids. Week 14 BCS standings come out at 8:15 p.m. ET, but...

BCS Rankings Projections, Week 13: SEC Rematch Warning, Whether You Like It Or Not

While waiting for the BCS standings, let's consider how we can we avoid an all-SEC championship game. There aren't many ways.

BCS Rankings And Bowl Projections, Week 12: Oklahoma's Awful Loss And The Non-AQ Race

If the Sooners make a BCS game, do they have to bring Tommy Tuberville along? Also, envision Southern Miss in a BCS game, just to see how it feels. Here's our BCS rankings breakdown.

BCS Rankings, Week 12: Alabama Tops Oregon Behind Oklahoma State, LSU

The LSU Tigers and Oklahoma State Cowboys are sitting atop the BCS rankings for Week 13. If the Cowboys were to lose, however, the Alabama Crimson Tide are in position for a championship rematch.

BCS Rankings Projections, Week 12: Bye Bye Boise State, And The Rematch Still Looms

Fellow frequent insurgent TCU may have kicked Boise State all the way out of a BCS appearance, while teams that have lost to LSU are piling up behind Oklahoma State. Here are this week's BCS...

BCS Rankings, Week 11: Alabama Falls To No. 3, Stays Ahead Of Undefeated Stanford

The LSU Tigers are unsurprisingly on top of the latest BCS rankings, while Alabama's loss has dropped them to No. 3.

BCS Rankings Projections, Week 11: LSU Has Work Left, And How Far Will Alabama Fall?

LSU beat Alabama, but its path to the title isn't assured just yet. Where will the Tide land? Can Oklahoma State or Boise State take advantage? Here are your Week 11 BCS standings projections.

BCS Standings Week 10: Stanford Hurdles Boise State Behind LSU, Alabama, OK State

The LSU Tigers topped the BCS rankings for a third straight week, much to nobody's surprise. With just six unbeaten's left and the Tigers playing the second-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide next week,...

Week 9 BCS Rankings, Bowl Projections: Can Oklahoma And Wisconsin Bounce Back?

You've seen the newest BCS standings, but what do they mean? Here are the latest BCS bowl projections, the biggest games of Week 9 and more.

BCS Standings Week 9: LSU Holds Top Spot In Rankings

LSU tops the BCS Rankings in Week 9 once again after leading off the initial BCS rankings last week. Wisconsin plummets nine spots to No. 15 while Oklahoma falls just six spots to No. 9.

2011 BCS Rankings Projections, Week 9: Get Ready for LSU-Alabama II

Could LSU play Alabama in the BCS title game? While the season's second round of BCS standings won't be out until 8:15 pm ET, projections show the game's loser may be able to force a rematch.

BCS Standings Week 8: LSU Tops Initial Rankings

LSU tops the BCS Rankings in Week 8, the first week that the poll is available. Kansas State is ranked higher in the BCS than human polls, while the computer polls don't like Wisconsin.

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