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UMass-Lowell hockey program part of historic month


UMass-Lowell became the first school outside of Boston College, Boston University, New Hampshire and Maine to win a Hockey East regular season championship. Norm Bazin, Marty Meehan and Dana...

George McPhee's Far-Reaching $1.2 Million


Unspectacular offseason acquisitions are paying dividends, and will perhaps continue to do so beyond this season.

Jets Mid-Point Grades: Defense & Goalies


The Winnipeg Jets have reached the half-way point of this abbreviated season, so it's time to grade the players. Combining basic and advanced stats, the following is a look at how the defense and...

Ilya Kovalchuk's Shooting Percentage as a Devil


Ilya Kovalchuk just played his 210th regular season game as a New Jersey Devil on Saturday. This post goes into why Devils fans shouldn't expect his hot shooting percentage from Atlanta to return...

North Korea Threatens NHL Realignment


North Korean supreme leader and die-hard Panthers fan Kim Jong-un has threatened a nuclear strike over the NHL's realignment plan because of Florida's inclusion in a division with northern cities...

Habs at the halfway mark: managing expectations


As Montreal Canadiens sit at the top of their conference with half their games played, it's hard not to get caught up in it all.

How is Shea Weber Really Doing Without Ryan Suter?


Saturday night's game against the Minnesota Wild brings former Predator Ryan Suter back to Nashville, the perfect time to examine how Shea Weber if faring without his former defense partner.

Eberle's Slump In Context


Take away the slump, sure, but if you take away the hot streak at the same time, what are you left with?

Will Firing Todd McLellan Fix San Jose's Offense?


San Jose's offense has sputtered for most of this season now and many are placing the blame at coach Todd McLellan. But is he really the problem for the Sharks?

Randy Carlyle Coaching Myths Part 2


The second part in an ongoing series dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding Randy Carlyle's coaching prowess.

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