Elway's worst nightmare

So many mistakes by the Seahawks. So many questions after Texans-Patriots. And a GIF that says more about Colin Kaepernick than any of us could. It's the Monday Morning Jones.

No defense for Shanny

After sleeping on it, there's still no defending Mike Shanahan. In a week, the Ravens probably won't be able to defend Peyton Manning's offense. And Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Rodgers just want to be better than ... Alex Smith?

Goodbye 2012

Bomani & Jones says goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013 with the stories that just won't die.


The Jets need some Kwanzaa

In the latest episode of Bomani & Jones, Bomani bestows a little Kwanzaa spirit on the team that needs it the most.


Bomani & Jones: Fighting teammates

The college football world was stunned to see two Arizona teammates throwing punches on the sidelines. That got us thinking: which two teammates in sports would we want to se fight?

Bomani & Jones: Give Spiller the damn ball

Millions of us run our own teams, and we're dependent on coaches to make smart decisions. Like, you know, giving the ball to their best players.


Bomani & Jones: Boxing brings out basic instincts

The primal nature of fisticuffs takes us to our most base levels. That, usually, is pretty hilarious if you don't take it personally. But if you do, you better be ready to fight for real.

Bomani & Jones: Stop being the Bobcats

Bottom line: the Bobcats need to rebrand, and calling the team the Hornets is a great way to do so.


Jon Gruden won't save your program

Jon Gruden coaching rumors have surfaced, as they usually do this time of year. But let's be honest: he's not leaving his Monday Night Football gig.

Alex Smith just got Kaepernick'd

"Bomani & Jones" sees the far-reaching consequences of Jim Harbaugh's decision.


Ndamukong Suh must be stopped

It's time for the NFL to put a stop to Ndamukong Suh's ways.

Onward to victory

Notre Dame did it. So did Colin Kaepernick. Alex Smith? He's just done. That, what the NFL should do with Ndamukong Suh and more in this week's Monday Morning Jones.

'Bomani & Jones' makes fun of Rivalry Week

It's Thanksgiving Week, and while the NFL may own Thursday, there is always a full slate of college football rivalry games to help keep you on the couch through the weekend. Bomani & Jones breaks down what to look forward to.

Bomani & Jones: NASCAR does fighting right

This weekend is the close of NASCAR's Chase for the Sprint Cup. When did I learn this? When I was looking up the fight between Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer. See how a delightful melée can lead to great publicity? NASCAR does fighting right.

Bomani & Jones: The Falcons are still the Falcons

We've seen the Falcons. We know the Falcons. And we know Falcons fans know that anything could go wrong at any time. They have the makings of a great team, and we wish them the best -- but we're not backing off our preseason predictions just yet.


Bomani & Jones: At least we know the Chiefs stink

The Kansas City Chiefs may be terrible, but at least they won't toy with your emotions by almost winning games.

Country's best team rolls

Tide! Ducks! Doug Martin! Mike Smith! Yes, Mike Smith gets an exclamation point in this week's Monday Morning Jones, which recaps the weekend that was in sports.


Bomani & Jones tackles Lane Kiffin

The latest episode of Bomani & Jones takes a look at Lane Kiffin. Shady practices are afoot.

Bomani & Jones: Honey Badger and his hated homeboy

It's clear Tyrann Mathieu needs some changes in his life, and marijuana use might be a good one to have on the list. Another good one? Stop hanging out with persona non grata in Baton Rouge: Jordan Jefferson.

Bomani & Jones: How to get out of a buyout

"Bomani & Jones" will teach you how to drive your coaches crazy enough to quit.

Bomani & Jones: NBA fans want their dap

Why is the NBA limiting the amount of time players can high-five each other before games?

Ravens we know are never more

The Ravens looked awful in Houston. The Patriots looked about as good as the Jets. That doesn't bode well for the AFC, but gives plenty to talk about in the Monday Morning Jones.

'Bomani & Jones' decodes NFL player introductions

When Atari Bigby introduced himself on SNF as from the "University of Jah Rastafari," it may have been the greatest introduction ever. Here's a guide to translating what players really mean when they shout out their alma maters.

Monday Morning Jones: Were those the real Giants?

Were those the real New York Giants? How about the Packers? And can anyone on the Yankees get it done at the plate? That and the rest of the weekend in the Monday Morning Jones.

'Bomani Cares Squat' about the BCS standings

The first BCS standings were released Sunday night. Here at "Bomani & Jones," we figured we'd give you our own BCS Standings. Why not? It'll mean just as much as what we've got.

Bomani & Jones: The NFL's 5 most overpaid players

The "Bomani & Jones" list of the most overpaid players in the NFL. Here's a hint for No. 1 -- after getting $10 million guaranteed, he hasn't played a down all year. Now that is a man who should wear a mask on payday.

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