Cascadia Cup trademark dispute

MLS blinks first in Cascadia Cup TM dispute


Commissioner Don Garber tells Canadian blogger that he'd be OK with solution in which supporters own the trademark.

Supporters have "productive" meeting with MLS

Supporters groups from Seattle, Portland and Vancouver have conference call with MLS representatives but still feel they "well positioned" to protect trademark.

Nos Audietis, Ep. 81: Lalas talks Cascadia Cup

If you're looking for fire-breathing pro Cascadia-isms this might not be the episode for you, but we do try to have an adult conversation on the topic while also discussing the Sounders SuperDraft...

Suits v Scarves - Cascadia Cup Controversy


MalcontentJake is a Supporter. This is his take on the Cascadia Cup Trademark battle.

The Cascadia Cup: Ours to Fight For

Don Garber's patronizing appeals to let him and his corporation trademark the Cascadia Cup are an insult to soccer fans in Cascadia and across North America.

Garber: MLS still wants to own Cascadia Cup TM


MLS commissioner essentially tells reports that MLS is worried that supporters might sell rights to name without league approval.

MLS Trademark Moves a Powerplay?


Who really owns the Cascadia Cup name? The battle's brewing, and we'll find out in the coming months.

Fight brewing over rights to Cascadia Cup

MLS made a mistake by not first approaching supporters before applying for trademark and may now have a legal fight on their hands that nobody should want.

"Cascadia Cup" TM is Actually Quite Messy

Sounder at Heart reader add some insight to the fight over who owns the Cascadia Cup trademark.

Supporters file own trademark on Cascadia Cup


In direct opposition to MLS's efforts to trademark "Cascadia Cup," ECS, Timbers Army and the Southsiders band together to pursue the trademark for themselves.

Cascadia Supporters Oppose MLS on Cascadia Cup

The Timbers Army, ECS, and Southsiders have formed the "Cascadia Cup Council" with the intention of protecting the usage of the Cascadia Cup from third parties.

MLS: Trademark would protect 'Cascadia Cup'


League says they are planning to meet with teams and supporters to discuss the application.

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