College hoops tip-off marathon: Stony Brook at Rider live blog

6:28 -The home crowd for the 6 a.m. game usually embraces the event and provides a solid atmosphere, and it looks like the Rider folks have done a decent job. The sun coming up at some point around halftime is also a nice pat on the back for the marathon viewer.

This game has the potential to deliver more excitement than the casual fan might expect. Stony Brook was the preseason favorite in the America East, and Rider destroyed Robert Morris in their season-opener behind St. John's transfer Nurideen Lindsey's 26-point debut.

Prediction: Rider by 4

6:33 - A little disappointed by the Rider kids. Not a great deal of enthusiasm in the gym. In their defense, even less enthusiasm coming from y bedroom.

6:43 - The scoreboard isn't even working for this game. Really thinking I'm the only person alive at this point. Stony Brook leads, 25-17.

6:48 - St. John's transfer Nurideen Lindsey went off for Rider in the Broncos' season-opener, but he has no points, two fouls and two turnover so far this morning (feels weird to say).

7:06 - We've made it to the second half and the sun has also risen. Always a major tipoff marathon check point...the sunrise, not the second half of the 6 a.m. game. Stony Brook's up 32-23 in a game that's geting a little bit chippy.

7:38 - Lindsey makes perhaps the play of the marathon so far with a desperation make from near halfcourt that just beat the shot clock buzzer. It's also a huge basket, as Rider gets the crowd back into the game and moves within four. Stony Brook leads 37-33 at the under eight. Not exactly the up-and-down contest you'd like to see from the 6 a.m. game, but we're still here.

7:46 - Crowd really into the game for the first time all morning as Rider inches to within three. Stony Brook with five turnovers in seven possessions, but still clinging to a 37-34 lead. Eyes are feeling heavy. Can't lie about it.

7:53 - The 11-point Stony Brook lead is completely gone as Lindsey buries a three to get the Broncs within two and then Daniel Stewart dunks the game tied. We're knotted at 41 with four minutes to play.

7:56 - Stony Brook has an answer with the ever-rare back-to-back baskets to regain the lead at 45-41.

8:04 - Rider pulls the dreaded "play defense for about 25 seconds and then inexplicably give the foul move" to send Stony Brook to the line with 28 seconds left. It blows my mind how how often this happens. The Seawolves lead it, 50-45.

8:06 - Stony Brook holds on for the 54-46 road victory to move to 3-0 and bring my prediction record to a highly disappointing 2-2. The game was not a pleasant viewing experience for the first 35 minutes, but fun down the stretch. which probably saved me from an unwanted slumber.

It's coffee time.

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