College hoops tip-off marathon 2013-14 full schedule

The time has come for a mid-November tradition unlike any other has come: me watching great to average to borderline unwatchable college basketball games for 24 hours straight and documenting the entire thing.

ESPN's six annual college hoops tip-off marathon technically got underway Monday night at 7, but since the whole foundation of the event is "24 straight hours of college hoops," we're going from 11 p.m Monday to 11 p.m. Tuesday.

While the belly of the event isn't quite as sexy as it was a year ago, a main of event of No. 1 Kentucky vs. No. 2 Michigan State and No. 4 Duke vs. No. 5 Kansas more than makes up for that.

Here's the full schedule for year six of the marathon and year three of the live blog:

November 11

BYU at Stanford | 11 p.m. on ESPN2

November 12

Western Kentucky at Wichita State | 1 a.m. on ESPN2

Akron at Saint Mary's | 3 a.m. on ESPN2

New Mexico State at Hawaii | 5 a.m. on ESPN2

Hartford at Florida Gulf Coast | 7 a.m. on ESPN2

Quinnipiac at La Salle | 9 a.m. on ESPN2

LSU at Massachussetts | 11 a.m. on ESPN2

West Virginia at Virginia Tech | 1 p.m. on ESPN

South Carolina at Baylor | 3 p.m. on ESPN

N.C. State at Cincinnati | 5 p.m. on ESPN

VCU at Virginia | 7 p.m. on ESPN2

Michigan State vs. Kentucky | 7:30 p.m. on ESPN

Florida at Wisconsin | 9 p.m. on ESPN2

Kansas vs. Duke | 10 p.m. on ESPN

I successfully achieved an evening nap for the first time in live blog history and then semi-successfully made a trip to the grocery to secure the 2013 survival pack.

Let's meet back here in half an hour.

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