College hoops tip-off marathon: South Carolina at Baylor live blog

We're underway in Waco, where Baylor got the party started with a good old-fashioned NIT banner unveiling.

That's a direct head shot at South Carolina, the former kings of the NIT.

This is about to get ugly.

3:30 - Gamecocks looking tough early with a 24-22 lead. No. 23 Baylor looking to avoid becoming the first top 25 team to lose a game this season. They're guaranteed to not be the first if they win this one.

3:47 - They've had seven months to think about it, and Baylor has apparently decided that it's still not particularly interested in guarding anybody. We're tied at 34 with five minutes left in the half.

3:54 - Jimmy Dykes is willing to talk about anything except for the extremely competitive game taking place directly in front of him.

4:01 - Neither team has led by more than two points since ESPN got this game. The announcers are currently discussing Baylor football.

4:02 - South Carolina leads 39-38 at halftime. This would not be good for Scott Drew.

4:26 - Frank Martin just shouted into someone's soul.

4:31 - Baylor defending better this half, just not scoring at all. They're down 45-43.

4:37 - Brady Heslip: still more than capable of successfully completing the three-point shot. We're knotted up at 49.

4:46 - Not entirely sure what day it is.

4:58 - Baylor finally starting to assert its will a little bit, and snags a 61-57 lead with 7:30 to go. South Carolina showing no signs of going away, though.

5:02 - I sincerely feel so sorry for any and all diehard Baylor basketball fans out there. I have absolutely no rooting interest in this game and the Bears are still frustrating the absolute shit out of me. There's no excuse for about 75 percent of the things they do. We've got a 1-point game after three Baylor turnovers in about 25 seconds.

5:07 - We are knotted up at 64 at the under 4 timeout. NC State/Cincinnati has started over on ESPNU. In all, just one of the marathon games has started on time, on the channel it was supposed to.

5:13 - Baylor is 20-of-40 from the free-throw line. Also, South Carolina just committed two turnovers and missed a lay-up. November basketball, y'all.

5:20 - Baylor 65, South Carolina 64. Thirty-three seconds to play.

5:24 - DRAMA IN WACO. There's a foul called, but officials are checking to see if it took place before the game clock ran out. If it did, then South Carolina will shoot a pair of free-throws to try and send the game into overtime.

5:28 - Officials determine the foul took place after the buzzer. Baylor wins it by two.

5:30 - It was not a great last possession, by the way.

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