NCAA Tournament 2013 odds: Point spreads for round of 64 March Madness games


Vegas seems to think Marquette-Davidson and UNLV-California could be closer matchups than their seeds indicate.

With Selection Sunday in the rear view mirror, the brackets are set, meaning you can finally fill out your brackets for your office pool.

But lets say filling out brackets isn't your style -- maybe you don't like having to think about who could win matchups that haven't officially been set yet, or something -- or maybe you're just super-degenerate. Anyway, brackets aren't the only way to speculate about the outcome of the NCAA Tournament!

Here's the point spreads on each game we know the matchup for already, the four First Four games and the 28 Second Round matchups that are already determined, per OddsShark.

First Four

No. 16 Liberty vs. No. 16 North Carolina A&T: Liberty -1.5

No. 11 Middle Tennessee State vs. No. 11 St. Mary's: St. Mary's -3

No. 16 LIU-Brooklyn vs. No. 16 James Madison: LIU-Brooklyn - 2

No. 13 La Salle vs. No. 13 Boise State: Boise State -1.5

Round of 64:

No. 1 Kansas vs. No. 16 Western Kentucky: Kansas -20

No. 1 Gonzaga vs. No. 16 Southern: Gonzaga -21.5

No. 2 Duke vs. No. 15 Albany: Duke -17.5

No. 2 Georgetown vs. No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast: Georgetown -13

No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 15 Iona: Ohio State -13.5

No. 2 Miami vs. No. 15 Pacific: Miami -12.5

No. 3 Michigan State vs. No. 14 Valparaiso: MSU -10

No. 3 Marquette vs. No. 14 Davidson: Marquette -3.5

No. 3 New Mexico vs. No. 14 Harvard: New Mexico -11

No. 3 Florida vs. No. 14 Northwestern State: Florida -20.5

No. 4 St. Louis vs. No. 13 New Mexico State: St. Louis -9

No. 4 Michigan vs. No. 13 South Dakota: Michigan -11

No. 4 Syracuse vs. No. 13 Montana: Syracuse -13.5

No. 5 Oklahoma State vs. No. 12 Oregon: Oklahoma State -3

No. 5 VCU vs. No. 12 Akron: VCU -7

No. 5 Wisconsin vs. No. 12 Ole Miss: Wisconsin -5

No. 5 UNLV vs. No. 12 California: UNLV -2

No. 6 Butler vs. No. 11 Bucknell: Butler -3

No. 6 Arizona vs. No. 11 Belmont: Arizona -4.5

No. 6 UCLA vs. No. 11 Minnesota: UCLA -11

No. 7 Creighton vs. No. 10 Cincinnati: Creighton -3

No. 7 Illinois vs. No. 10 Colorado: Illinois -1.5

No. 7 South Dakota State vs. No. 10 Oklahoma: SDSU - 2.5

No. 7 Notre Dame vs. No. 10 Iowa State: Notre Dame -1

No. 8 Colorado State vs. No. 9 Missouri: Missouri -3

No. 8 Temple vs. No. 9 NC State: NC State -4

No. 8 Pittsburgh vs. No. 9 Wichita State: Pittsburgh -4.5

No. 8 UNC vs. No. 9 Villanova: UNC -3.5

From a quick glance: games Vegas expects to be closer than their seeds indicate include Marquette-Davidson, UNLV-California, and Oklahoma State-Oregon.

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